Welcome to the official website of the Polk County Public School System in Florida.

Information on this website is accessible in a number of different ways. We have established four main sections to categorize information according to the types of visitors we receive. Frequently visited links and useful resources can also be found at the bottom of every page of the site.

Our main sections of navigation include:


Parents of current or potential students should visit this section first to find any information they might need about Polk County Public Schools.


Information and resources for students in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools can be found in this section.


All members of the Polk County Public Schools staff should make this their first stop to find any information they may need. This section is further categorized according to specific types of staff members.


This section provides community members with information regarding Polk County Public Schools. This section also provides valuable resources to businesses and individuals who would like to work with the school board as business partners, vendors or contractors.

General Information for All Visitors


Visit this section to find announcements and news releases from our Public Relations department.




District Info

This section contains general information on the organization of the School Board and its many divisions and departments. Here you will find staff listings and contact information for every department within the district. Also contained in this section is our searchable staff directory, to easily find any school board employee.


Potential employees should visit this section to learn about how they can apply for a job with us, and to see any current employment opportunities.


This section contains our searchable database of all the schools in the Polk County public school system. Parents can also search for schools in their area to find the school in which their child is zoned. Visit this section for specific information on any of the public schools in Polk County, or to find a link to that school's own website.

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