The focus of the Technology Coaching Program is to provide just in time, ongoing professional development at the school level on digital devices and resources to promote technology integration in the classroom.

2016-17 Technology Coaches

Technology Integration Coach List by Region (by school)


  • All former technology coaches may keep all equipment earned if they re-commit to the program and remain at the school
  • All equipment remains at the school if a technology coach moves to another school

School Site Options for Technology Training

  • If you would like to access the online modules for one of your trainings (to guide your facilitation) please email/call your STS contact.
W/North Central Elem

NE/SE Elem

Middle/High Schools Middle/High Schools DIAP TOP Schools Citrus Ridge: A Civics Acad
Heather Gayton Will Austin Eddy Varela Rachel Goodman Laura Sawyer Jenny Cramatte
863-647-4250 863-647-4240 863-647-4248 863-647-4247 863-647-4251 863-847-4247


  • If your administration would like points awarded for the technology PD you conduct, the site administrator (AP) is responsible for submitting the points to the district.

Administrator Suggestions

  • Encourage & empower former tech coaches to participate in tech coach program
  • Utilize technology coaches to provide professional development to staff on digital devices
  • Encourage development of a learning community to include all tech coaches in your school
  • Encourage tech coaches to continue growing the tech coaching program at your school
  • Coordinate with your tech coaches and STS to provide digital device workshops