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Bullying information for Polk County School Board Employees:

Stop Bullying NowReducing Bullying In Your Schools

The Big Picture

The Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act requires the following of all School Board Employees in the state of Florida:

  • That we all are aware of bullying; we must know:
    • The definition
    • How to recognize bullying, knowing what the signs and symptoms are of a child who is being bullied,
    • The basic causes of bullying.
  • That we all know how to intervene when bullying occurs, this involves.
    • Knowing how to report bullying
    • Knowing how to step in to stop bullying when it is happening
    • Knowing how to respond to the bully and to the victim
  • That we all share an understanding of the ways that schools can prevent bullying; prevention activities are varied but encompass:
    • Social Marketing campaigns that might be initiated school-wide
    • The direct education of students through classroom instruction
    • Establishing a school climate that does not tolerate bullying, and promotes respect of each individual

Administrators are required to ensure that their school has met all the legal mandates; but they must also have an additional set of skills. They must know:

  • The procedures to investigate bullying incidents including:
    • Knowledge of the time-lines for investigation
    • Use of the District’s forms
    • The procedures for interviewing and documenting
  • Oversight of an action plan for the victim and possibly the bully
  • How to keep the parents informed and involved
  • Maintaining confidentiality

Report Bullying or Harassment

How do I file a report of bullying?Report Bullying Now

There are several methods for reporting suspected bullying incidents:

What happens next?

  • Administrators will acknowledge receipt of your report in three school days
  • A preliminary review of the incident may be conducted to determine need for the investigation
  • If warranted, an investigation will be conducted and completed within 10 days
  • Parents of the victim and bully will be notified of the results and the school will take appropriate action



Standing Tall Newsletter: Teacher Edition

Volume 1: October 2008