Polk County's District Library Media Services offers a number of helpful services and programs to aid teachers, faculty, district office staff, students and members of the community. The two divisions of the District Media Services are the Professional Library and Library Support Services.

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If you are a Library Media Specialsit or a Media Paraprofessional II, please join our Moodle group. On our Moodle page, you will find forms, support, professional organization information, and much more.

In Moodle, search: Media Specialist Learning Community. Use the enrollment key "media" to join.

Library/Textbook Information

Little Free LibrariesLittle Free Libraries are little decorative waterproof boxes/containers with books inside. These LFL have been placed in communities to promote literacy and the love of reading. The only rule is to bring a book and take a book. Help spread the love of reading throughout Polk County by building or sponsoring a Little Free Library in your community. You can learn more about Little Free Libraries and how to buy or build one of your own at https://littlefreelibrary.org.


  • Middle School Book Festival will be May 23, 2017 at the Jim Miles Professional Development Center.

  • Elementary School Book Festival will be May 24-25, 2017 at the Jim MIles Professional Development Center. Actual day selections will be made closer to the event. 


The Professional Library offers technical and professional resources and materials to teachers, administrators, assistants and volunteers in the schools, as well as to people in the community.

The collection includes approximately 3000 books, access to the Internet via T-1 line, and over 100 professional and educational journals covering all aspects of education, including leadership, classroom management, instructional design, subject area content and technology related issues.

Destiny Online for Professional Use

Production Services

Some of these services have a small fee attached. In case of copyrighted material, a letter from the copyright owner granting permission to copy must be presented. (contact Janice Hayes, 647-4710)

Click here for Media Services Pay Form

  • Laminating
    • I.D. Card
    • 25 inch, $0.10 per foot
    • 38 inch (heavy duty), $0.60 per foot
  • Ellison™ & Accu-Cut™ die cuts
  • Poster Printer, $4.50 per poster (When requesting posters, please allow at least 2 days for printing to be completed.)
  • Color Poster, 24” wide $1.00 per foot, 42” wide $1.50 per foot
  • Badge Making, $0.50 each

Q & A on Copyright Laws

It has been brought to my attention that some library media specialists are under the impression that they can change the format of VHS to DVD for archival purpose, this is not so, please see note from a Copyright Law Consultant.

Answer from consultant: There is a provision in the Digital Millennium Act granting libraries the privilege to convert media from one format to another when the original format is no longer in production and the equipment on which to play the recordings is no longer available from any source. At this time, the only format that meets this definition is 8 track audio tapes. VHS format tapes and recorders, although not readily available, are still available and do not meet the requirements of the Digital Millennium Act.

When the time comes that VHS is officially obsolete, it will be permissible for libraries to convert their holdings to another format, but this privilege is only for libraries and their collections and does not apply to classroom collections or videos purchased by grade levels, departments or for individual classes.

There is no "back-up" privilege for video, under the law, as there is for computer software. Such rights would need to have been negotiated at the time of purchase.

Additional copyright information:


Creates original MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging) records for the school media centers and professional library. In addition, they also prepare books for inclusion on media center shelves and catalog books, audiovisual materials and multimedia tools for schools.

Spec Sheet for Vendors

Standard Spec Sheet for Vendors 2014-2015

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