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District Grants Team

The Grants Team helps plan special projects and writes funding proposals, often collaborating across departments and the community, to win competitive grants ranging from Head Start to Career Education.

Revenues realized from competitive grants written by or made possible by the District Grants Team total $79 Million over the past five years.

2013/2016 Significant Competitive Awards:

  • $680,521 Standard Student Attire Grant
  • $1.2 million 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • $3.75 million School Climate Transformation Grant
  • $100,000 Project Aware
  • $1.2 million SEA Project Aware

Prior Awards Still in Effect

  • $360,000 Hearth for Homeless Education
  • $11.3 million from the Magnet Schools Assistance Program

The District Grants Team has submitted an application for the 2017-2018 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant to potentially open five new After School Programs at Polk County Public Schools.

For a copy of the narrative please contact Dawn Robertson

What We Do

Workshops and Technical Assistance

School-based and classroom grants are usually written by teachers or by teams from the school and community. Departmental grants normally require planning and coordination by the Grants Team.

  • The District Grants Team offers workshops and individual technical assistance. We help align intended outcomes with district goals and initiatives.
  • We help with formatting grant components, evaluation design, job descriptions, and budgeting.
  • We distribute grant opportunities, give sample components to teachers and schools, offer step-by-step suggestions for competitive wins, and help refine proposals.
  • For larger grants in addition to those written in-house, we contribute extensive research, data analysis, graphic depictions, editing, uploading submissions, and handling forms and signatures.
  • We communicate with university researchers and other grantees nationwide.
  • We collaborate with other agencies.

Grants Management

  • The grants team assists with the management of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants which run the After School Adventures Programs at Polk City Elementary, Loughman Oaks Elementary Garner Elementary and Lewis Anna Woodbury Elementary.
  • We review grant-funded contracts and offer training for grants management.
  • We review all grant submissions for School Board approval. We can provide background information on other similar projects and about related activities that can enhance proposals.
  • We can assist with the eAgenda process for School Board approval.

Grants Web Page

We host a web page for those interested in writing grant proposals. (, key word District Grants)

  • It has links to current grant opportunities, reputable how-to sites, and resources for general reference.
  • We can teach grant seekers how to judge which prospective funding opportunities are good bets.