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We are continuing to work on "aligning" our valid addresses with the 911 valid address file. In many cases you won’t notice any difference except that the "direction" changes from the beginning of the address to the end of the address. For example E Polk Ave might now be Polk Ave E.

Another change we are working on would be taking the "US" out of W US HWY 17 92 and putting the direction at the end, so it becomes Hwy 17 92 W.

Street Name Tips

  • If your address contains a number (i.e. 80 FOOT RD), try the numeric and alphabetic representations of the number.
  • Try variations of abbreviations for directionals, (i.e. W CAMPBELL RD, WEST CAMPBELL RD or CAMPBELL RD W)
  • The city which the U.S. Postal Service recognizes as city for any given address may differ from what ZONEFinder needs to complete a search.
  • If you have questions about the information that is returned, or the spelling of your road name, please contact the Pupil Accounting and Records office at 863-519-7600 Ext 458.