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Polk County Principal a Finalist for Innovative Principal of the Year Award

November 30, 2017

Brian Andrews of Lawton Chiles Middle Academy is one of three statewide finalists for the Innovative Principal of the Year Award, an honor presented by the Florida Council of Instructional Technology Leaders (FCITL).

Mr. Andrews is Polk County Public Schools’ Innovative Principal of the Year for 2017-18.

Under his leadership, Lawton Chiles Middle was a pioneer in our area for implementing a school "fab lab" (fabrication lab), allowing students to translate their digital ideas into material products. He has ensured that all LCMA students have adequate digital access, and LCMA has served as a mentor school for tech innovation by providing peer support to other teachers in our district.

Mr. Andrews also has been noted for supporting his staff's technology ventures. This year, LCMA math teachers have embarked on an ambitious project to build Raspberry Pi-driven computers for students and schools in developing nations.

Being named Innovative Principal of the Year is a testament to the teachers and students at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy, Mr. Andrews said.

"It's something for all of us," he said. "I supply the platform and resources for them to be risk-takers. I want us to be creative and provide an engaging environment for the kids."

The winner of FCITL's Innovative Principal of the Year Award will be announced in January.