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Reopening Update: Teacher Work Day Is Now Sept. 18, Students Will Now Return Sept. 19

September 14, 2017

The reopening of school has been delayed due to continued power outages and work to repair schools following Hurricane Irma.

  • Public schools in Polk County will now reopen for students on Tuesday, Sept. 19.
  • The teacher work day has been moved back to its originally scheduled date, Monday, Sept. 18. On Monday, Sept. 18, teachers, school-based administrators, district staff and all others who normally work on teacher work day will report to work as normal.
  • Paras will return to school on Tuesday, Sept. 19.
  • A number of departments, including maintenance, custodial services, school nutrition, and information technology, are already back at work, preparing our schools for reopening. Supervisors in these departments will continue to communicate with their employees about when and where they should report.

Please check your school’s website to see if there have been any changes to sports schedules or other activities.

Please be advised that this decision to reopen is not binding upon charter and private schools. Those schools should be contacted directly for more information.

Thank you to our students, teachers, employees and their families for their patience and understanding over the past several days as we addressed the severe weather conditions of Hurricane Irma and allowed some of our schools to serve as shelters.

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