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Polk County Schools Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month Proclamation

January 24, 2017

WHEREAS, the recognition of Black History Month is an opportune time to salute the achievements of the past, gain insight for the present, inspire progress for the future, and teach the children about heroes of color; and

WHEREAS, African American students make up 21 percent of the Polk school district which joyfully celebrates Black History Month and the many contributions of African-American teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, soldiers, inventors, artists, writers, scientists, and many ordinary people who have demonstrated extraordinary courage, talent and service to others; and

WHEREAS, the significant increase in the graduation rate of African American students in Polk County Public Schools shows that these students and families value the importance of a quality education as the foundation for a successful life and career; and

WHEREAS, we celebrate black history month which began on February 12, 1926 and expanded in 1976 as part of the nations bicentennial, in order to recognize the humanity of a people who survived against incredible historical odds to exemplify to the world the power and audacity of the human spirit;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT resolved by the School Board of Polk County, Florida, that we designate the month of February 2017 as:

Black History Month