Progress Monitoring

For the 2010-11 school  year, Polk County Schools is using Discovery Education as our main progress monitoring tool.  This system allows teachers and other staff to know the status of students with relation to academic benchmarks.  It also tracks student progress.  Having this capability, allows the educator(s) to make decisions about specific student needs, and links teachers to interventions to address those needs. 

In the PS/RtI system, there are three levels or tiers. 

Discovery helps identify struggling students with reference to these tiers.   Information is provided that assists educators (along with other data) with understanding the level of intervention required and helps them locate particular educational strategies to teach the student.

Here is a link to the Discovery Education system:

Other sources of data are used to make decisions about student progress and needs.  Some of the other data sources are FCAT, Voyager, SBAR assessments, SAT-10, student performance on school-made assessments, Fast ForWord, FCIM, etc.