Revised Magnet and Choice Student Assignment

Acceptance, Waiting List and Applicant Pool FAQs

  •  I applied prior to January 2011 and am on a waiting list, what now?
    • If an application was submitted prior to January 2011, the student would have been assigned a waiting list number. If an application was submitted on or after January 2011, the student would have been assigned to an applicant pool. Students with a waiting list number will be accepted first. Once all waiting list numbers have been accepted, those students in the applicant pool will be accepted randomly for any available seats in their grade for the school they applied to attend.
  • I applied in January of 2011 but did not get a waiting list letter?
    • New applications received January of 2011 will not receive a waiting list letter.  They will be notified via School Messenger to the phone number they provided on their application confirming that the new application was received and the student is in the applicant pool. It is your responsibility to update your phone number.
  • How long can my application be on file in the applicant pool?
    • The applicant pool is kept for one school year.  If students are not accepted from the pool that year, they must reapply the following November.
  • How are students accepted?
    • Students are selected for vacant seats in the following order:
      • students are taken in sequential order from established waiting list
      • when there is no waiting list, students are randomly selected from the applicant pool
  • I have moved or changed my contact number, what should I do?
    • Notify the Office of Acceleration and Innovation at 534-0631 of your new address or contact number.
  • Why should I apply if there is already an existing waiting list?
    • When vacant seats occur, students will be taken from the waiting list order. When a waiting list has been used up, then students will be randomly accepted from the applicant pool.
    • The amount of children on waiting lists varies by grade and school.
    • Only minimal vacancies occur when students move out of zone or elect not to return to the school.