Purpose & Goal

The Federal Programs and Grants Management Department supports the successful implementation of various projects. Each grant is designed to increase, enhance and improve student and staff performance in Polk County Schools.

The goal of Title I is to improve student achievement through effective instruction, professional development, and family involvement.

District Grants

Parent Newsletter

Federal Programs Staff

Name: Title: Phone:
Maria Longa Senior Director, Federal Programs & Grants Management 863-534-0647
Dawn Taylor Clerk Specialist 863-534-0646
Sherry Boyette Senior Coordinator - Finance & Budget 863-519-3601
Alyson Dort Senior Coordinator - Program Support: Private, TOP, Charter 863-534-0784

Lina West

Coordinator - PIP, Parent & Family Resource Centers, Parent University 863-519-3600
Tomeka Thompson Coordinator - Program Support: PEP - WH, Extended Learning, Neglected/Delinquent 863-534-9241
Melissa Northup Coordinator - Program Support: Highly Qualified & PreK 863-534-0056
Courtney Sherman Coordinator - TTI, Title I 863-519-3603
Cynthia Stybel Student Assignment Specialist - Private Schools 863-534-9242
Peggy Andersen Senior Technician - Program Assistance, Title I 863-534-0840
Natalie Stephens Senior Technician - Program Assistance TTI, Title I 863-534-0824
Andy Baldwin Senior Coordinator of Title I


Ismael Jimenez Manager - Migrant ID&R and OSY Services 863-534-0655
Elsa Gonzalez Migrant Support Services Associate Technician 863-534-0656
Yiny Vasquez Associate Technician – Migrant Data 863-534-0653
Aylin Medina Migrant Records System Operator 863-534-0659
Alysa Nolen TRST - Technology, Federal Property 863-534-0776
Pam Diaz Network Manager 863-534-0657
Eileen Killebrew Principal on Assignment  
Sheila Dyer Principal on Assignment  

Grants Management Staff

Name: Title: Phone:
Dawn Robertson Director of Grant Acquisitions 863-519-3602
Sheridan Stead Senior Grants Technician 863-534-0649
Rachel Sanchez TRST - Trainer 21st Centruy 863-534-0648
TBA Grants Technician 863-534-0777