All Positions are now available for Open Hiring

The Personnel Department provides the following services: compensation, processing and tracking of all actions related to personnel, maintenance of District personnel records, District reappointment processes, district job descriptions, temporary duty applications, extended contracts, and verification of employment for current and former employees.

Publications include the Salary Handbook, Hiring Procedures for Professional Technical Personnel & District Administration.


All phone number area codes are 863

Name: Title: Phone:
Paula Dull Director, Personnel 534-0731
Joan Brooks Senior Coordinator, Compensation 519-3969
Lorraine Pierre-Louis Analyst, Personnel-Compensation 519-8037
Christie Coe Senior Technician, Personnel - Temporary Duty Leave Assignments, TOP Schools, Contracted Employees, ePAF assistance, School Based Administrators, Contracts 519-8510
Becky Crotteau Senior Technician, Personnel-District Office Personnel, Supplements, All day teaching assignments 519-3968
Lorraine Sleyzak Senior Technician, , Ditrict Office, Employee Eligibility to Hire, Employment Verifications 519-8509
Ashley Hall Personnel Assistant II - Elementary Schools, Charter School Personnel and Coaches, Employee Eligibility to Hire 534-0726
Stephanie Haney Personnel Assistant II - Elementary School Personnel, Employee Eligibility to Hire 519-8674
Sheila Hikes Personnel Assistant II - Middle Schools, Employee Eligibility to Hire, TOP Schools 534-0703
Sheilah Jones Personnel Assistant II - High School Personnel, Employee Eligibility to Hire 534-0733
Teresa Needham Personnel Assistant II - Elementary Schools, Employee Eligibility to Hire 534-9231
TBD Personnel Assistant II 519-3630
Penny Williams Personnel Assistant II - Elementary School Personnel, Employee Eligibility to Hire 519-3970
Deborh Babb Secretary II - File Room 534-0330
TBA Clerk Specialist - HRS Receptionist Employment Verifications 534-0781

Staffing/Position Control

Irene Bellows Senior Manager, Staffing 519-3960
Jennifer Sircy Analyst, Staffing 519-3962
Amanda Cook Senior Technician, Staffing 519-3965