The District’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 59 - 6000807.


Welcome to the Doing Business With Us Section. This section contains information for anyone that wants to do business with the Polk County School Board.

Business Partners

Good education is good for business and good for the community. The purpose of the Partners in Education program is to strengthen the educational process through collaborative relationships between schools and the community.

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Vendor Information

The School Board of Polk County welcomes the opportunity for a business relationship with interested suppliers in the community. The district’s Purchasing Department is interested in fostering participation by all qualified business persons offering commodities and/or services that may be used by the District.

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Jessica Lunsford Act and Fingerprinting

Information for Contractors & Vendors Only. All potential Polk District School employees should contact the PCSB Human Resources Division. Please call 863 534-0781 for answers to questions regarding pre-employment procedures!

In compliance with the Jessica Lunsford Act, we at the Polk County School Board are making every effort to secure the well-being of our county's precious children.

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Purchasing Bids

Here you will find information on Current Bids and Bid Results for bids handled by the Purchasing Department. Also, public notices and product evaluations can be found here when they are available.

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Facilities and Operations Information

Here you will find information on Facilites Projects, Construction Bids, Pre-qualification, Permits, Leasing of School Board Property and Public Announcements.

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School Concurrency

Ideally, School Concurrency provides coordinated planning among the County, local governments, and the School District to ensure that school capacity is available at the time of impact of residential development.

Polk County’s accelerated growth has led to a growing demand for school facilities. The implementation of public school concurrency will result in a cooperative and financially feasible process permitting the School Board to address existing school crowding and to provide adequate capacity for projected new growth.

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ITV Equipment

The Instructional Television Department handles the evaluation and bidding of many of the classroom electonics that the county has on file. If you are a Vendor that wishes to contact the ITV department click here.

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School Nutrition Purchasing

Our School Nutrition program is the pinnacle of nutritional integrity and team-oriented service that positively influences students’ lives.

Meal components, as well as a la carte items, are selected so that the nutritional integrity of the program may be maintained at its current high level.

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Instructional Programs and Materials

In order to enhance the focus of research and evidence based materials to be used with all students in Polk County Public Schools and to ensure that the professional learning provided by consultants is focused on district priority professional learning needs, all external providers of professional learning must complete the Instructional Programs and Materials Application.

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