Polk County Schools’ Library Media Services acknowledges the importance of maintaining access to current resources, building research skills, and developing digital literacy skills. On this page, you will find links to a variety of online resources. Some subscription services may ask for a password when accessing these resources from a device outside of a school campus. While we can not provide that password here, we can provide a hint for the password associated with MOST services: To improve your reading skills, you should “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”. (The answer is two words, but in the password, it is all one word.) You should have been made aware of this password in your school’s library media center. For more details about logging into these Online Resources, see your school’s library media person.

Online Catalogs


Polk County Library Cooperative

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader BookFinder

Polk County Library Cooperative


Tumble Book Library

I Save A Tree.com

Infobase Publishing eBooks

Reference & Research

Kids Info Bits

Gale Virtual Reference Library

World Book Web

Gale Student Resources in Context

Testing and Education Reference Center

Gale Literature Resource Center

Gale World History in Context

Gale US History in Context

Gale Science in Context

Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Gale Biography in Context

Gale Research in Context

Ask A Librarian

Teacher Resources

Gale Cengage Learning

Expanded Academic ASAP

Teaching Books.net

Accelerated Reader BookFinder

Ask A Librarian