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Rapid advances in technology are forcing changes in educational content and methodology and are pointing out the necessity for preparing students who need to be technologically literate and ready for the future. We are in the midst of a technology explosion that will continue into the 22nd century. It is altering our lifestyle and our work style. Citizens of Florida must understand technology as an integral part of our everyday lives. That is why teaching about technology and its impact on all of us is of vital importance at all grade levels in our schools. It is a fundamental area of study for all persons, regardless of educational or career goal.

Technology Education is responding to the realities of a new age that requires students to be prepared with universally transferable technological skills for life and success in a modern world. It is an educational program that teaches students how to survive in a modern world. It is an educational program that teaches students how to survive in an economy that needs, uses, and rewards an array of human talents much wider than the narrower academic and occupational skills that are traditionally taught.

Technology Education provides a setting to strategically teach essential skills. It is a logical link in the educational process that treats both academic and career and technical skills in a theoretical and applied way. Students are provided optimum experiences, both abstract and concrete, through the applied study of technological tools, materials, systems, and processes. This is a type of learning that allows students to make sense out of their world and provides the correct balance of depth and breadth to enable them to deal with a world of boundless change and complexity. Students in Technology Education learn to apply problem-solving skills to the solution of community, industry, life problems, and technological issues facing Florida. They develop an attitude that learning is a lifelong process. They recognize the consequences of technology on the individual and society. The end result is a new educational essential called technological literacy. It not only enables our youth to be technologically informed, but to also have technological understanding. It enables our youth to be technologically wise, as well as technologically smart.

The program of Technology Education is organized around, but not limited to, the technological categories of drafting, electronics, communications, construction, production, power, transportation, aerospace, engineering, and supporting content areas. Applied learning activities are conducted in a laboratory setting with a minimum of 75 percent hands-on experiences with technological tools, machines, instruments, materials, processes, and systems.

Consistent with individual abilities, interests, and needs, the student will:

  1. Establish a knowledge and appreciation for the importance of technology.
  2. Apply technological tools, machines, instruments, materials, processes, and systems safely and effectively.
  3. Develop the skills, creative abilities, positive self-concepts, and individual capabilities to use a variety of technologies.
  4. Develop problem-solving and decision-making abilities using technical means.
  5. Apply other school subjects appropriate to technology content, instruction, and laboratory activities.
  6. Understand technology as a base for career opportunities.
  7. Uncover and develop individual talents and interests.
  8. Adjust to a changing environment.
  9. Become a wiser consumer.
  10. Develop a positive attitude toward lifelong learning.
  11. Deal with forces that influence the future.
  12. Demonstrate positive human relations, leadership skills, organizational abilities, and technological literacy through participation in the Florida Technology Student Association (FL-TSA).

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