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Industrial Education is comprised of instructional courses, programs, services, and activities at all educational levels for selected career occupations.

Industrial Education is a component of Career Education which, prepares persons for initial employment and offers opportunities for upgrading or retaining of workers in a wide range of career areas.

Individuals completing Industrial Programs are qualified to function as skilled, semi-skilled workers in activities including layout, design, production, repairing products and commodities or rendering personal services.

Industrial Programs include classroom instruction in technical-related theory, safety, language arts, mathematics andscience, laboratory and laboratory tasks requiring manipulative skills, and cooperative education to provide on-the-job experiences. Instruction is provided for apprentices in apprenticeship occupations or for journeymen already employed in industrial occupations.

A recommended sequence of study covering extensive knowledge in a field of specialization is required for completion of an Industrial Education Program that prepares persons to work in direct support of professional trades persons, engineers or technicians.

SkillsUSA provides additional opportunities to develop leadership, civic responsibilities, free enterprise system concepts and an understanding of the world of work in industrial occupations. Such organized activities, under appropriate supervision, are considered an integral part of the overall instructional program.

Reinforcement of skills in English, mathematics, and science appropriate for the job preparatory program is provided through vocational classroom/preparatory instruction and applied laboratory procedures or practices.

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