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General Information

Business Technology Education is a group of planned, specialized instructional programs structured to prepare students to enter, to advance, and to refine prescribed competencies requisite for employment in a cluster of business occupations or in a specific occupation chosen as a career objective.

The programs of Business Technology Education in Florida prepare individuals for occupations in Management and Supervision, Accounting, Computer Technology, Office Support Services, and Court Reporting. These programs include instruction in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling business systems and procedures; preparing, systematizing, recording, transcribing, and preserving written communications and records; preparing and analyzing financial records, gathering, processing, and disseminating information; using technology to perform business tasks using computer networks and industry-related business software applications; and performing a multitude of other business office tasks.

Congruent to all programs are the identified leadership activities that enable the individual to function as an employee and a leader in the American business system.

Reinforcement of basic skills in English, mathematics, and science appropriate for the job preparatory programs is provided through career and technical classroom instruction and applied laboratory procedures or practices.

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