The 2017 online scholarship application is now closed.

  • Students can continue to check below for any hard copy applications that may get added.  
  • Unless a donor decides to notify a student before their senior award ceremony, all award announcements will be made at senior award ceremonies, nothing is announced in advance, no letters are sent. 
  • After all ceremonies are complete, recipients will receive an award pack from the PEF and once all documents are completed and returned by the student, funds will be dispersed to colleges and universities in July.
    Scholarships administered by the Polk Education Foundation are made possible by the generosity of donors
    throughout our community
    . A huge thank you to all that make this scholarship program possible!

Hard Copy Scholarship Applications

Hard Copy Scholarship Applications may be used for scholarships started after the online application opened or closed.  Please continue to check this section periodically for updates.  HIT "VIEW" and "REFRESH" each time you visit this page to make sure you can see all updates.
Please read through the criteria for each scholarship and if eligible, download and complete the application and return it to the Polk Education Foundation by the deadline noted.

Scholarships started after the online process opened or are done in hard copy format rather than online.

Joanne Hudson Cook Scholarship - for single parent students in the Ridge Teen Parent Program or who are graduating from Haines City High School planning to go to Ridge Career Center.

Donald and Veulah Wilson Scholarship - for students graduating from Bartow High School who have been accpeted into a college. Must be postmarked by 4/25.

Take Stock in Children Scholarships

click here for that program page with scholarship information


Previous Recipients of PEF Scholarships

For previous scholarship recipients who need to request funds, please complete the form below and return it to the Polk Education Foundation using the address provided on the form. A copy of the thank you note written to your donor must also be on file with this form to have funds disbursed.

Scholarship College Information Sheet

Recipients receive a copy of the Scholarship Policy with their award letter. A policy copy is also sent to each college or university with scholarship checks.

Click here to view the most recent PEF Scholarship Policy


Presenting scholarships

Support PEF Scholarships

You can sponsor a scholarship for Polk County High School graduating seniors in your club or business name or in memory of a loved one. After the application period ends, all scholarships are collected, screened and selected through a competitive application process. We strive to make sure each application is given focus and attention to allow for the best candidates to be awarded scholarships. Donors can choose to participate in the selection process or allow PEF committees to make those selections. Donors determine the criteria and the award amount for the award. Scholarships can be designated for certain schools or groups of recipients.

Scholarships are promoted online every January/February through the Polk County School District and Polk Education Foundation. A listing of current scholarships can be found by clicking the Scholarships Information button on the menu to the left. Monies are awarded in the spring of each year; funds are not distributed directly to the student. A check is mailed payable to the college of the student's choice once the student is enrolled. Thank you notes are required to be sent to each donor of a scholarship by its recipient. If you need additional assistance, please call Susan Copeland at (863) 534-0434. Mrs. Copeland will be happy to meet with you in order to help you plan your scholarship program. Help make a difference in students' lives!

By creating an endowed scholarship, you enable the Foundation to establish a permanent pool of funds that are professionally invested. While the investment remains intact, the Foundation is awarded the earnings for use to fund your scholarship. A $10,000.00 donation equals a perpetual $500.00 scholarship. Endowed amounts and corresponding awards increase incrementally by each $10,000 donated. For more information, please contact Susan Copeland phone: (863) 534-0434.