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The National Tournament of Academic Excellence (formerly known as the Panasonic Academic Challenge), is a highly academic national high school competition modeled after Florida's statewide tournament. Each team consists of six students (four players and two alternates) and one coach. As many as six teams may compete against each other in one competition. This is not a quick response, trivial pursuit contest. Instead, it is a slower-paced tournament in which players are asked questions from the areas of mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, the fine arts, world languages (French and Spanish) and technology. The questions are written by educators from high schools and colleges throughout the nation.

Competition Date:
June 13 - 16, 2009
Contemporary Convention Center
Walt Disney World Resort

Tournament Results

First Place: Kentucky - 217 points
Second Place: Oklahoma - 191 points
Third Place: Colorado - 184 points
Fourth Place: South Carolina - 181 points
Fifth Place: Florida - 180 points
Sixth Place: Ohio - 146 points

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