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2016 Video Awards Wrap-up

On behalf of the ITV crew, STS and IST staff, we would like to congratulate everyone on a successful ceremony. It is our hope that everyone in attendance had a wonderful time celebrating the hard work, dedication, and most of all talent of our students. As was stated many times during the ceremony, our students are the best video production students in the entire country.

Thank you for nurturing our student’s talent and being the best TV Production teachers in the world!


2016 Souvenir Programs

Check out everything related to Video Awards by downloading our souvenir Ceremony Programs:

ITV teachers: you can request hard-copies of the programs here.


Winning Entries

We have posted the winning entries in their entirety to our Video Awards YouTube channel:


Highlights Photo Gallery


Ceremony Replay Dates and Times

Replays will be aired on PGTV: Bright House: 622, Comcast 5, and Verizon 20. You can also view them live on the web at

  • Ceremony Replay — May 7th and 14th at 6pm
  • Best of Elementary — May 9th and 16th at 6pm
  • Best of Middle — May 11th and 18 at 6pm
  • Best of Senior – May 13 at 7pm and May 20th at 6pm

Please note the Best of replays will have all the winning videos in their entirety.


Thank you again for a successful evening and we look forward to seeing you at the 25th Annual Video Awards Ceremony in 2017!


Video Awards SharePoint Site

We have moved our Video Awards HQ section to our Video Awards SharePoint site. There you can access all of the contest due dates, rules, documentation, and watch clips and ceremonies from previous years.


State and National Honors

Jim Harbin Awards

  • Jewett Middle Academy
    • Documentary: 1st Place
    • Drama: 1st Place
    • Instructional: 2nd Place
    • Music: 1st Place
  • Kathleen Middle
    • PSA: 1st Place
  • Lake Gibson Middle
    • Comedy: 1st Place
    • New Feature: 1st Place
  • Lake Gibson Senior
    • Animation: 3rd Place
    • Drama: 2nd Place
  • Spessard L. Holland Elementary
    • K-2 Documentary: 1st Place
    • K-2 Drama: 1st Place
    • K-2 PSV: 1st Place
    • 3-5 Comedy: 2nd Place
    • 3-5 News Feature: 3rd Place
    • 3-5 PSV: 3rd Place
  • Winter Haven Senior
    • Instructional: 1st Place
    • News Show: 1st Place
    • PSA: 1st Place
    • PSV: 3rd Place


Recommended Equipment List

We are rolling out our new and improved Recommended Equipment List and Teacher Contact List.

The new system will allow us to add features and functionality to the site to better serve our teachers.

If you find an error or have suggestions for improvements, the content of the site is maintained by John Dittle while the functionality is maintained by Justin Phillips.