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2014 Video Awards

Elementary Ceremony starts in 2014-04-29 17:00:00 GMT-05:00
Secondary Ceremony starts in 2014-04-29 19:00:00 GMT-05:00

Thank you to all of the schools that submitted entries into the 22nd Annual Video Awards!

  • Elementary Ceremony: April 29th at 5pm
  • Secondary Ceremony : April 29th at 7pm


Video Awards Message from David Yates

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited about honoring you and your students at our 22nd Video Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, at Victory Church in North Lakeland.

We will once again celebrate elementary schools at 5 p.m. and secondary schools at 7 p.m., and open our people’s choice voting to everyone who can text. Please encourage students, staff, and parents to attend this exciting celebration of student-centered learning. It is truly an event like no other and we will be simulcasting both celebrations on the Internet and on local cable television.

Our theme is Clue and you’ll soon be hearing from Justin Phillips about participating in our mysterious opening act and our even more mysterious category intro videos. We’ll be holding a contest with our ceremony audience to see who can solve our mystery, a practice used by mystery dinner theaters.

Our Television Production Students of the Year (SOTY) will again play a prominent role in the ceremony, including opening the envelopes announcing the Best of each category.

Most of the rules and judging criteria are identical to those used last year. Here are highlights

  • Three tiers of winners will be chosen in Category 1—Daily News Show:
    • Superior (all schools averaging 90% or higher on the Daily News Show scoring rubric)
    • Excellent (all schools averaging 80-89%)
    • Outstanding (all schools averaging 70-79%)

Daily News Show scoring averages will be determined by the random news show score and the two daily news shows submitted at a school’s discretion.

  • Category 7 will again be called Creativity Games. This category is designed to promote creativity and problem solving, both important 21st century skills. This year we will also be using Category 7 to promote storytelling skills because storytelling is an important craft in the media field.
  • Schools that produce a music video (category 3) entirely from scratch will again have 10 bonus points added to their scores. “From scratch” in this case means that students and teachers write the lyrics, perform the music, and of course, edit their video. The use of software like Garage Band, Soundtrack, media like Digital Juice, and Web sites like www.freeplaymusic and www.videoblockscom will still qualify schools for 10 bonus points.

Although software like Garage Band and Soundtrack, and some pay-for-media sources like Digital Juice and have no copyright restrictions, beware that other sources of music, including often include varying levels of usage restrictions.

Some music sources, for instance, demand fees if their music is going to be entered in a competition, broadcast on the Internet or cable, or played at a live performance. Although our competition is completely non-profit and offers no cash prizes, our ceremony is indeed a live performance and we are definitely simulcasting it on cable and on the Internet

Any teachers, staff and students in a school may be involved in the production of a music video.

Schools that secure written copyright permission to use an artist’s song and perform the song themselves or re-write the lyrics will be eligible to earn five bonus points.

Schools that secure written copyright permission to use both an artist’s song and an artist’s performance of the song in the making of their music video can enter their music video in our competition but will not be eligible for any bonus points.

Please direct all copyright questions and general Video Awards inquiries to me.

God bless and good luck!



2013 FAME Finalists

Once again, Polk County was well-represented at the Florida Association for Media Education (FAME). The following entries will receive either a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish when the final results are posted on November 22nd:

Grade Level
Entry Title
Book Trailer
"How Lamar's Bad Prank Won A Bubba-Sized Trophy"
"Music Through Her Eyes"
"The Adventure"
"The Black Hole"
Music Video
"Jingle Bells"
Music Video
"In Control"
News Feature
News Show
"Wall to Wall Academis"




Video Awards Results Now Available

Indy Poster Elem Indiana Jones Poster

2012-2013 State and National Award Winners

Lake Gibson Middle

International Student Media Festival
"Fall in Love with Reading"
Excellence in Media Production & Judge's Favorite
"Get A Life" Short Film Excellence in Media Production & Judge's Favorite
"The Bubble Wrap Rap" Music Video Excellence in Media Production
TSZ News at Chalk for Charity Excellence in Media Production & Judge's Favorite
"TSZ News at Hispanic Heritage Festival" Best of Festival
"Youth Groups: Impacting Today's Teens" Documentary Excellence in Media Production & Judge's Favorite
FAME - Jim Harbin Awards
"TSZ News at Hispanic Heritage Festival" 1st Place News Show
"Youth Groups: Impacting Today's Teens" 3rd Place Documentary
Student Television Network
"Get A Life" 1st Place Creative Production
Just Read, Florida! PSA
"Take the Lead and Read" 1st Place

Lakeland Highlands Middle

Governor's Wellness Challenge
"LHMS Wellness Program" Winner

Southwest Middle

International Student Media Festival
"Be Ready"
Excellence in Media Production
Lake Mirror Classic Excellence in Media Production
FAME - Jim Harbin Awards
"Be Ready" 1st Place Animation
Lake Mirror Classic 1st Place News Story
Student Television Network
" Gator Wrestlin' " 1st Place News Story
"More Beautiful You" 3rd Place Creative Production

Lakeland Senior

Florida Scholastic Press Association - District 4
Sidney Colon & Ivy Oglesby 1st Place News Anchor Team
Sports News Package 2nd Place Sports Game Story
Florida Scholastic Press Association - State
Talent Demo Reel Best of the Best
Sports Video Best of the Best
"Cheering Up" All Florida: Sports Video
Talent Demo Reel All-Florida: Talent Demo Reel
"Boys Golf Preview" All-Florida: Sports Video
"Hialeah Homecoming" All Florida: Sports Video
"Christmas Parade 2012" All-Florida: Staff Promotional Video
"Girls Soccer Preview" Excellence in Media Production
News Show Opener Excellence in Media Production
"Varsity Reporter" Excellent Personality Photo
"Dream" Excellent Special Effects Photo
"Christmas Floats" Excellent News Package
"Thoroughbred Game: A Race to the Finish" Excellent Multimedia Event
"Cops Care Closet" Honorable Mention: News Package
"Great American Rivalry" Honorable Mention: Sports Package
"Football vs George Jenkins" Honorable Mention: Sports Package
"Naughts Win in Double Overtime" Honorable Mention: Multimedia Event
"Presedential Elections" Honorable Mention: Multimedia Event
"You Decide" Honorable Mention: Video Election Package

Winter Haven Senior

International Student Media Festival
"Don't Be a Statistic" Excellence in Media Production
"Lights, Camera... Scream!" Short Film Excellence in Media Production
"Reading Adventures" Excellence in Media Production
Stand Up Excellence in Media Production
1st Place Anti-Bullying Video
FAME - Jim Harbin Awards
"Stand Up" 2nd Place Music Video
"Don't Be A Statistic" 3rd Place Documentary
Bright House Sports Network
Sports Highlight 3rd Place Sports Highlight

National Winners