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New Employee Email Orientation

An online orientation class is required.

Go to and log-in. You should see New Employee Orientation under My Courses.

Log in with the following information:
  • E-mail address:
  • Username: firstname.lastname
  • Password: PCSB-XXXX (XXXX is the last four of social security #)
  • Domain: polk-fl

Email Account Changes

To have an email account changed in any way please send an email with the necessary changes to Email Updates.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Files

E-mail Archive: Mimosa NearPoint


Cell Phone Setup for PCSB E-mail

If you are unable to follow the cell phone setup below contact the Network Manager at your school or your cell phone provider. They will need the following (6) information items:

  1. Server:
  2. User name: firstname.lastname
  3. Password: your e-mail/network password
  4. Domain: polk-fl
  5. Check the box – “Remember Password”
  6. THIS BOX MUST BE CHECKED – “This site uses SSL”

Instructions for setting up your iPhone with the new Exchange feature:

Instructions for setting up your cellular phone with the new Exchange feature:

Due to the many phone manufacturers and various models, please use Google to locate the instructions for setting up Exchange / Corporate Email by typing in the Google Search:

"Setting up exchange email on (Make and Model #)" of your phone.