Teacher Professional Development

Professional Development Public Folders

Below is a list of some of the documents and content folders available in Outlook Public Folders under Professional Development:

  • TARGET, Quick Reference and examples
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) Folder
  • Lesson Study Folder
  • PD Forms Folder:
    • Individual Research
    • Inservice Through Conference
  • Teacher Assessment Forms Folder

Professional Educator Competency (PEC) Program

The PEC Program is a required program for any new teacher who needs to demonstrate competencies in the Educators Accomplished Practices. It involves orientation, planning, observations, documentation, etc. Teachers participating in the PEC Program are assigned a mentor. All forms related to the PEC process can be found in Public Folders > Professional Development > PEC/Mentor Forms.

Florida Educator Accomplished Practices Revisions

Intern Placement


  • Clinical Supervision (Moodle or Face-to-Face) Professional Development
  • Three years of successful teaching experience
  • Florida statute requires that directing teachers "must successfully demonstrate effective classroom management strategies that consistently result in improved student performance" to help assure optimal learning opportunities for preservice teachers

Protocol for Accepting Student Interns


  • Sign up occurs during the months of October and February
  • Sign up sheets are sent to administrators at all schools
  • Teachers may sign up to request an intern. Administrator will make their recommendations based on the sign up sheets.
  • Forms are returned to Professional Development for placement of interns by college and university intern placement supervisors.

Teacher Mentors

Thank you so much for providing support for new teachers in Polk County Schools. Please do not underestimate the importance of the teacher mentor! The mentoring that you provide will make all the difference this year in the life of a new teacher and in the lives of the students with which the new teacher interacts. Mentoring is a daily activity that may encompass a realm of activities from something as quick as sending an uplifting e-mail to hours of collaboration and planning. The support that you give may mean the difference between a teacher lasting the school year and returning the following school year.

Research regarding mentoring of teachers has indicated:

  • 40 to 50% of new teachers leave teaching within the first five years of teaching. (Ingersoll and Kralik, 2004)
  • Effective mentoring strategies result in:
    • increased student test scores and other benefits for students of new teachers
    • new teachers becoming more reflective thinkers
    • more teacher satisfaction
    • more professional school culture
    • more teacher collaboration (Mahler, 2001)

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Mahler, Brenda, Beginning Teacher Advisory Programs: Effects On Beginning Teachers. Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network, May, 2001. http://www.mentors.net/03library/beginningteacher.html.

Mentoring Links:

Mentoring forms are located in Public Folders > Professional Development > PEC/Mentor Forms