Purpose of TARGET, the Individual Professional Growth Plan

TARGET is the former Individual Professional Growth Plan (IPGP). State Statute 1012.98 requires that teachers develop an individual instructional professional learning plan that:

  • Defines explicit learning goals in a plan specific to the teacher and learning gains for ┬ástudents at the school
  • requires gathering and disaggregating student data
  • involves the teacher in determining the learning objectives that would help students become successful
  • necessitates professional learning activities to support implementation of instructional strategies in the classroom
  • entails the development of student outcome goals
  • provides opportunities to demonstrate professional learning strategies

TARGET: Teachers' Action Research Goals and Educational Timeline

TARGET followed by Quick Reference

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Teachers' Action Research Goals and Educational Timeline (TARGET) Resources

Professional Learning Activities for Implementation in the Classroom

*Powerful Designs for Professional Learning, National Staff Development Council, 2004