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The Mission of the Professional Development Department is to provide quality professional development opportunities for all employees to enhance student learning.

Professional Development Contact Information

District Professional Development Master Inservice Plan and Components

The Code of Ethics and The Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession of Florida

General Information:

The PDS Scheduler Forms 1 and 4 will be going off line at the close of business on Friday, Dec.16, 2016. PD Points, PD Transcripts, and Course Registration are moving to NetCONNECT.



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Richard Lavoie Resources

Richard Lavoie Flyer

ARROW for Richard Lavoie Follow-up

Richard Lavoie Implementation


District Level Non-Instructional P.T. Forms

DistrictLevelNon-InstructionalAdminPaperForm8 16

DistrictLevelNon-InstructionalProfessionalTechnicalPaperForm8 2016


Harry Wong Resources

First Five Minutes Resource


PD for PDers Professional Learning

Professional Learning Protocol Training for those who deliver Professional Development around the District.


Lesson Study Professional Learning for Administrators and New Facilitators

New Facilitator Training


Lesson Study

Click here to see the video.

A Guide to Implementing Lesson Study, FLDOE

A Guide to Implementing Lesson Study, FLDOE, PowerPoint

The Lesson Study Cycle with Phase Descriptions

The Vision – One System Supporting ALL Students!

Lesson Study Guide (one page)

Response to Instruction Guide

Voices from a Grade 2 Team (video)


ESE and FDLRS Professional Development

Click here for ESE and FDLRS Professional Development


Interim Evaluation Resources

School Administrator - Interim Evaluation Directions 15-16 (updated 1.12.16)

Classroom Teacher - Interim Evaluation Directions

Non-Classroom Teacher - Interim Evaluation Directions


Teacher Evaluation Resources

Understanding the EPC Rating Rubrics

Teacher Evaluation System Overview

Section 14234 on the Scheduler is the Teacher Evaluation System Overview. Access the Scheduler using the link to the left on this page.

Non-Classroom Teacher Evaluation Webinar Recording

To view this webinar use your school district issued computer on the district Internet system following these steps:


District-Level Employee Evaluation Systems

2014-15 Polk County District-Level Employee Evaluation Systems Manual


District Professional Learning Evaluation Online

After each Professional Learning Activity please have all participants complete the evaluation form to ensure that professional learning will result in implementation of the learning and to obtain feedback regarding elements of the professional learning activity.

Link to Instructional Professional Learning Evaluation Online

Link to Non-Instructional Professional Learning Evaluation Online


Professional Learning Evaluation Form

After each Professional Learning Activity please have all participants complete the evaluation form to ensure that professional development will result in teacher application in the classroom for the purpose of direct outcomes related to:

  • increasing student achievement
  • enhancing classroom instructional strategies that promote rigor and relevance throughout the curriculum
  • preparing students for continuing education and the workforce

Link to the Professional Learning Evaluation Form



(The ARROW has been updated and is automatically sent to participants as part of the awarding PD points process in NetConnect.)

ARROW for District Level (2015-16)

ARROW for School Level (2015-16)



Florida School Leaders Assessment ( F.S.L.A)

Florida School Leaders Evaluation Cycle Specifics 2012

Florida School Leaders Flip Book


Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

Article: Depth of Knowledge in the 21st Century: A Review of Webb's DOK

Webb's Depth of Knowledge PowerPoint (Generic)

Webb's Depth of Knowledge PowerPoint: Keynote

Cognitive Complexity - Webb and Bloom

Webb's Wheel

Depth of Knowledge Levels: Teaching

Depth of Knowledge Descriptors: Mathematics

Depth of Knowledge Descriptors: Reading

Depth of Knowledge Descriptors: Science

Depth of Knowledge Descriptors: Social Studies

Depth of Knowledge Descriptors: Writing

Depth of Knowledge Activity

Depth of Knowledge Chart: Thinking


Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies' Resources

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Professional Learning Communities (PLC's)

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)