The Digital Classroom Plan (DCP)

Polk County Public School District

The Purpose of the District Digital Classroom Plan (DCP) is to provide a perspective on what the district considers vital and critically important in relation to the digital learning implementation, the improvement of student performance outcomes, and how this progress will be measured. The plan shall meet the unique needs of students, schools and personnel in the district as required by s.1011.62 (12) (b), F.S. The objectives of the Digital Classroom Plan (DCP) are outlined below:
  • The Digital Classroom Plan includes high-level, digital learning and technology strategies outlined below that impact five key areas; i.e., student performance outcomes; digital learning and technology infrastructure; professional development, digital tools, and online assessments.
  • Continue development and support of a digital tool system to help instructional staff manage, assess and monitor student performance; manage digital devices and content.
  • Develop infrastructure to effectively support access to & management of digital learning and online assessments.
  • Continue to provide web resources, digital content and industry standard certification opportunities for students.
  • Provide professional development for seamless integration of digital learning by instructional staff to engage students in learning.
  • Increase access to & utilization of digital devices in the classroom

USAC: The Schools & Libraries (E-rate) Program

Information Systems & Technology Division

The universal service Administrative Company (USAC) Schools and Libraries Program , commonly known as “E-rate,” has been helping U.S. schools and libraries connect to the internet since 1997. E-rate is the largest federal education technology program authorized under the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and is overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Schools receive a percentage discount for the acquisition of telecommunication services, Internet access and internal connections necessary for deploying technology into the classroom. The level of discounts for schools within the District is based upon the level of eligibility in the federal free and reduced lunch program. E-rate funding was made possible through the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that was signed into law.

Professional Development for Digital Learning Grant

Information Systems & Technology Division

The purpose of the Professional Development for Digital Learning Grant is to provide financial assistance to eligible districts for professional development activities supporting the goals of digital learning outlined in the approved district Digital Classrooms Plan. The Professional Development for Digital Learning Grant project’s objectives are to establish contacts in each school who will coordinate school level collaboration on infusion of web-based digital learning resources into the classroom environment and train school staff on how to access the Learning Links tool on the Florida School Leaders (FSL) website, maintain a district work group to coordinate sharing of websites identified at the school levels with all schools in the district and submit district supported web resources for inclusion on the Learning Links section of the FSL website, identify a district representative who will serve on a statewide workgroup that will coordinate sharing among districts of information on helpful digital learning resources thru the Learning Links tool on the FSL website, demonstrations at the school site on processes that inform students and teachers on safe processes for identification and use of web-based resources and a process for the district workgroup to share information with schools and the department on sites that are deemed not appropriate for student access due to inaccurate or inappropriate content, demonstrations at school sites of the DOE Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) compatible lessons that model effective use of district selected website content to embed in student learning environments with supporting lesson plans, resources and materials and provide the demonstration lesson plans and supporting resources to the department for sharing with other districts. Strategic Plan: SP Priority Area E4 implementation date: July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

Shining Star Award Program

Learning/Information Systems & Technology Awards Program

The Shining Star Award began as a project to promote collaboration among the technology leaders in Polk County Schools and has developed into a vehicle for recognizing the successful application of technologies within school programs as well as encouraging the adaptation of new ideas that will enhance learning for the next generation. The Information Systems & Technology and Learning Divisions partner each year to reassess the focus of the award to correspond with state initiatives and current research strategies on the effective use of technology.
We’re all a community of lifelong learners who play an integral role in supporting technology initiatives and the responsible use of technology by our students. The future belongs to students who will use technology to communicate, solve problems, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and acquire lifelong knowledge and skills in the 21st century.

Earmark: Fund for the Improvement of Education Grant

Exceptional Student Education Department

Polk School District received approximately $95,300.08 for the Polk County Assistive Technology Outreach Program. This purpose of the program is to increase access to learning and academic achievement for many of our exceptional student education (ESE) students through the use of communication devices and assistive technology. This program is a three prong program to expand the accessibility of assistive technology to the students in our schools. The first phase of the proposal includes the purchase of augmentative communication devices to be included in evaluation kits for several evaluation teams throughout our county, the second prong would create a teacher/parent lab where visual supports can be created to help students with special needs in their classroom setting and at home, and the third prong of the request is to fund the purchase of additional software and assistive technology to support our students who are struggling readers. The program will serve primarily ESE students, pre-school through age twenty-two, from throughout the Polk County school district. A county-wide as well as six school-based assessment teams will receive Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) evaluation kits for use during evaluations with their students. The county wide Local Augmentative and Assistive Technology Team (LAT) evaluates seventy to one hundred new students each year. Additionally, they continue to follow previously identified students to determine if their supports are still appropriate.

Enhancing Education Through Technology (ETTT) Grant

Information Systems & Technology Division

Polk School District received sixty percent of $1,200,000.00 for equipment incentives and professional development. The District’s Information System & Technology Division staff entered in partnership with Osceola County and collaborated to design, coordinate and implement a grant program that benefits staff in both districts.

The primary purpose of this funding opportunity is to expand teacher and instructional program administrator involvement in the Florida Digital Educator Program. Increasing teacher exposure to innovative classroom instructional activities that promote and support effective digital resource integration and engaged student learning are important priorities for the program, in addition to the development of digital tools for teachers and students. The Florida Digital Educator Program is dedicated to authentic, data-driven, relevant, rigorous integration of technology across the K-12 curricula for the purpose of providing educators with the technology skills necessary to provide their students with opportunities to participate in project-based learning.

The objective of Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT), Part II project is to increase teacher exposure to innovative classroom instructional activities that promote and support effective digital resource integration and engaged student learning. The project will also expand teacher and instructional program administrator involvement in the "Florida Digital Educator Program.

The grant will combine the Florida Digital Educator training with the Peer Mentoring & Collaboration training to be offered at Florida Southern College several times during the summer for administrators and teachers from both districts. All training participants will receive instructional technology incentives, classroom visits for evaluation purposes by Florida Department of Education evaluation team and in service points once they have completed of training plus follow-up assignments.


Upon receipt of technology grant & acquisition award notices, please forward a copy of the award notice(s) to the attention of Dell Griffin Quary, E-rate and Technology Grants Developer. If you have any questions, please call: (863) 647-4244, extension 513.