Please direct all questions related to technology funding and grant opportunities to Dell Griffin Quary , Grants and E-rate Developer at (863) 647-4244, extension 513.

NFPA Education and Technology Foundation Grants

Program:  The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) Education and Technology Foundation is committed to supporting educational programs and research in fluid power. The foundation has established a grant program available to schools in order to achieve the following objectives:
  • Foster awareness and involvement of middle and high school students, helping them understand fluid power’s potential as a technology and as a career path.
  • Increase the number of technically trained people capable of integrating and applying fluid power and connect them to career in the fluid power industry.
  • Support universities in development of fundamental fluid power knowledge and connect the industry to an increasing number of scientific and engineering leaders in the field.
NFPA awards grants to schools and educational institutions to facilitate the teaching of hydraulics and pneumatics. Fluid Power Action Challenge Grants are available to educators planning to teach fluid power in their classroom or through a Fluid Power Challenge event. The grants are intended to help defray the costs directly related to the educational aspects of the challenge program, such as the purchase of program materials (classroom exercise kits or challenge event kits) or other expenses directly related to students and teachers participating in the Fluid Power Challenge events or related classroom activities.
Deadline(s):  Applications are accepted and reviewed year-round.
Eligibility-Grade Level(s):  9-12, 6-8, Higher Ed
Award(s):  Grants up to $250 are awarded.
Contact:  Lynn Beyer, Workforce Program Manager, National Fluid Power Association Education and Technology Foundation 6737 W. Washington St. Ste. 2350, Milwaukee, WI 53214
Phone: 414.778.3364    
Focus:  Engineering, STEM, Technology, Technology Ed
Content Area(s):  Mathematics, Science
21st Century Themes and Skills:  Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Innovation, Problem Solving

YouthTouch STEM Grant

Program: The Goldenrod Research Corporation supports hands-on technology in the classroom through its YouthTouch Grant. Hands-on technology education tools bring mathematics and science to life for schools that then become pilot or referral sites for YouthTouch. The grant program provides an opportunity to affordably integrate hands-on robotics and fluid power technology into grades 3 through 8 classrooms.  

A 1-to-1 match is required. Grants cover 50 percent of the cost of a comprehensive YouthTouch Technology Integration Program. Schools are responsible for matching the other half. Goldenrod regularly works with those awarded to find the funding if needed. Applications must be submitted by postal mail or fax.
Eligibility: Grade Level(s):  3-5, 6-8
Award(s):  Awards vary.
Deadline(s): Applications are due February 28, May 30, and September 30, annually.
Contact: Lea Melchior, President Goldenrod Research Corp. 204 W. Saint Joseph St, Spalding, NE 68665 Website: Phone: 888.827.2260 Fax: 815.346.2338
Focus:  STEM, Technology
Content Area(s): Mathematics, Science
21st Century Themes and Skills: Critical Thinking

Teach for the Planet - DonorsChoose

Program: is partnering with the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to identify the most innovative environmental science, climate change, and sustainability projects.
Deadline: Rolling
Award:  $500-$10k
Eligibility:  K-12 public schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including public charter schools.
Contact:  Website URL:

Technology Donors Program

Program:  Digital Wish is now offering a program that matches teachers with donors. To find a donor, teachers must build a wish list of Digital Wish classroom technology products. Teachers may then tell their stories and share their lesson plan ideas. Prospective donors can review a classroom profile and donate funding or purchase a wish list item for a school. After each technology purchase, Digital Wish will automatically donate an additional 2-10% in immediate cash-back funding to the recipient school to fund their next technology project.
Deadline:  Rolling
Funding/Award:    Vary
Eligibility:  Teachers
Contact:   Web Site hyperlink - Technology Donors Program


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