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mikemillsOne PCSB ex-tobacco-dipper shares his story in December, 2015, Wellness Matters

Quit Smoking Now (5-week class, meets 1-hour per week)

    • NOW IN SESSION: Tuesdays, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23 and 3/1, at Traviss Career Media Center, Lakeland, 4:00-5:00pm

    • Tools to Quit (2-hour class) Schedule TBA

Call 648-3057 for details


Happy Anniversary PCSB Employees!

tobacco freeIn November, 2013, the PCSB made a commitment of health to all employees, families and the community, by issuing a Proclamation to become a Tobacco Free Environment. Congratulations to all, for your efforts to eradicate the leading cause of preventable illness, disability and premature death! Whether you dip, chew or smoke... consider "Quitting Now!" For more information or to schedule a 2-hour class or 5-week workshop, with FREE nicotine replacement therapy, call Wellness at 648-3057 or email here.





Tobacco Free Environment Policy

Tobacco-Free Schools Proclamation...

Memo from Dr. Stewart, Interim Superintendent of Polk County Schools


Tobacco Cessation Resources


Please email or call The PCSB Wellness Program at 648-3057 with comments, questions or ideas!