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Cancer Awareness 2013

A survival story...

2012/13 Group Fitness Comments

  • "The classes were great!"
  • "I cannot think of any imrpovements or changes to make. The class is great!"
  • "Excellent class with many different dance moves, stretches and ab work included."
  • "I love it! We have a good group, good instructor and good work out."
  • "I thought the classes were great and loved that is was at my school."
  • Thank you to the hundreds who participated!


Walk With Ease Comments 2012

I have been walking/jogging Lake Hollingsworth at least once a week. I started out taking my two 15 minute breaks to walk the back parking lot at my worksite. Now I am down to three times a week, but I have a coworker who has given up smoking to walk with me. I also watch my portions. I have been able to get back into clothes that I wasn't able to fit in when the school year started.

I participated in Friends of the Park walking treks which is a fun and adventurous way to stay active. Also, I continue to log my steps online which is a personal incentive for me to challenge myself to do more physical activity each week. The changes I have seen most are intrinsic because I have a stronger drive and commitment to be active.

When I walk frequently, I feel that my energy level is up and I can handle increased pressures at my job. Also, walking has helped my right foot... Had surgery last December and I have noticed that if I limit activity, foot not as flexible.

Walking was an "in addition to" my other activities (classes at gym & rollerblading). I fell short of documenting all this, but my goal was 60+ minutes/day of exercise. Met my goal :) Biggest improvement I felt was 2-fold: 1) great sense of well-being, even in stressful situations 2) better posture throughout day.

I now take 2 Zumba classes a week and a power ball class. I have met new friends by doing these classes and they have helped me to stay motivated in my weight loss journey.

Summer Shape Up 2012

I loved receiving the newsletters.  They were a constant reminder to eat healthy and exercise regularly.  Sometimes those thoughts are lost in our busy days, but the newsletters were helpful in reminding me to keep up a healthy lifestyle.  :)

I'm learning to not eat mindlessly and to choose foods that are satisfying and taste good as well as nutritious.  Exercise is the big 'E' word in our house it is so difficult. I'm learning ways to build fitness without going out in the heat. I liked the exercises that can be done in the classroom or office.  I especially liked the suggestions for using herbs and spices to enhance my cooking. Thank you for all the great advice this summer.

I really enjoyed the Summer Shape Up newsletters!  Reading weekly the tips and recipes was a good motivator for me.  Also the tips included recently regarding improvement in cognitive function were a reminder for me since I enjoy Sudoku.  As it begins to cool off next month I hope to continue my walking which I began this summer.  I did some bike riding but hope to walk regularly.  My choices for lunch have been healthier as I try to cut back on the carbohydrates eating more vegetables.  I also began drinking more water by adding a sugar free flavored mix.

I have learned so much about portions. I never knew that I could eat so much, but in a good way. I have lost 5lbs so far and plan to continue working hard towards my goals. This is a great way to learn how, when, and what to eat. Thanks

Walk to the Moon Responses 2012

I have increased an awareness of staying active and healthy walking at least 4 times a week when I didn't walk at all. The results due to more activity have been lost of weight and more energy.               

During these past few weeks, I have actually seen the inches come off.  The biggest difference I have seen is how much better I feel.  I had joined Weight Watchers a year and a half ago lost 62 pounds and then came to a stand still for over 4 months.  I have lost 4 pounds, since I started Walk to the Moon.  It has literally changed my life and the way I feel about myself! Thank you so much Wellness Team for encouraging us in Polk County Schools to keep active and eat healthy!  You are truly being heard and making a difference.

The main thing that I have done, is to take at least one of my 15 minute breaks per day to walk the back parking lot at my worksite. I usually will be headed back to my office when my timer goes off.  I have also purchase a pedometer and that is helping me to monitor how I am doing.  I have lost about 3 pounds since I attended the Health Fair in March. I have lost a couple of inches around my waist and bust and feeling a lot prouder of myself.  Two of my co-workers and I are doing a 'weight management competition'. We text each other for encouragement and also to brag about our efforts to resist tempting foods.  I am hoping to go from a size 14ish to a size 12 by August for my daughter's wedding!

When I went to the doctor for my diabetes check-up, my A1C was down, my cholesterol was also down. He said, "Keep doing whatever you are doing!"

I have been running at least 6 days a week, three to four miles each day. The run has gotten much easier so I have been slowly increasing the incline when I run on a treadmill, and I increase my speed when I am running outside. My stress level has decreased, and I feel I am able to better handle the pressures of teaching third grade. When I eat, I am now more likely to choose healthy foods because I think about how the things I eat will affect my running. I have also been able to increase my food intake, which is fabulous!

I did not realize how tight my muscles were in my neck and shoulders until I started with yoga.  I try to do my 6o minutes yoga video every other day.  On the days I walk and do light weights, I do a 15 minutes evening yoga to stretch and relax.  I find this has helped me to sleep much better.  I was waking up nightly around 2:00 and could not go back to sleep.  This caused me to be extremely tired (and cranky) the next day.  The walking/activity programs that I have done because of your Wellness Programs have really been so motivating to me to continue my exercise even on busy days.  Thank you so much!