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The Nature of Stress zebra

Stress is an inevitable part of life and has been present in different flavors since the beginning of time. In fact, some stress is essential for survival. Good stress, or eustress, helps us get going. However, chronic accumulation of stressors leads to distress... unhealthy coping mechanisms... and 80% of all illnesses. This page is designed to help employees:

  • Understand the nature of stress
  • Recognize the negative effects of stress on body and mind
  • Learn how to control stress in the short and long term
  • Become more resilient against stressors

Self Assessments

  • Emotional IQ quiz
  • Resilience Assessment Worksheet - Renewal/Depletion
  • The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale
    • Score your stress levels
    • Determine what action you will take
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  • Balance Wheel Instructions: Look at the wheel. Notice each dimension of being has an axis with a scale from 1 in the center (hub) to 10 at the end. Rate yourself in each area, with 1 as horrible and 10 as superb! Then, connect the dots around the wheel. Is your life balanced? How bumpy is your ride? Which dimension needs the most work at this point in time? List your top three strengths and top three areas of need. Explain how you will use your strengths to improve your areas of need

Stress Less Techniques

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