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April is National Stress Awareness

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The Nature of Stress zebra

Stress is an inevitable part of life and has been present in different flavors since the beginning of time. In fact, some stress is essential for survival. Good stress, or eustress, helps us get going. However, chronic accumulation of stressors leads to distress... unhealthy coping mechanisms... and 80% of all illnesses. This page is designed to help employees:

  • Understand the nature of stress
  • Recognize the negative effects of stress on body and mind
  • Learn how to control stress in the short and long term
  • Become more resilient against stressors

Contact The Wellness Team by phone 648-3057 or email to schedule a stress management intervention at your worksite (may be as brief as 20 minutes or up to 90 minutes... you choose!)

Self Assessments

Stress Less Techniques

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