Departments within the Human Resource Services Division


The Personnel Department provides the following services: compensation, processing and tracking of all actions related to personnel, maintenance of District personnel records, District reappointment processes, district job descriptions, temporary duty applications, extended contracts, provide contacts for Florida Financial Aid Programs, and verification of employment for current and former employees.

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Employee Relations

The Employee Relations Department’s responsibilities include contract negotiations, mediation, grievance processing and issues regarding equity, discrimination, harassment and professional and criminal misconduct.

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Recruitment and Educator Quality

The Recruitment and Educator Quality Department oversees all Certification, Endorsement, NCLB and enforces the district’s compliance with local, state and federal regulations governing the recruiting, employment, new employee orientation, qualifications, licensure and/or certification of school administrators, teachers, paraeducators and substitute teachers (Aesop).

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Non School-Based Vacancy Review

Effective July 1, 2013, all Non School-Based positions must be approved by the Superintendent’s Cabinet before being advertised or filled. Submit completed form to the Staffing Dept.

Non School-Based Vacancy Review Form

Staffing Plan

District Organizational Charts