Weekly Email Communications

The purposes are to cut down on the number of emails and to give a clear priority as to the importance of the messages. If you have input about this approach or if you have trouble accessing the information, please notify weeklyemail@polk-fl.net. Click on the link below to access the messages.

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School Improvement Planning and Reporting

The Assessment, Accountability, and Evaluation office acts as district liaison for Florida's System of School Improvement and Accountability, coordinates the School Improvement Plan process, and coordinates school and district reporting, including status of schools on state standards and critically low school criteria.

School Advisory Council

The AAE office also provides resources to schools who are creating or already have School Advisory Councils. SAC's assist in decision making and approval of expenditures of District Lottery Funds and School Recognition Funds, as well as review the School Budget, help determine the School Improvement Plan, help others understand the School Improvement Plan, support the School Improvement Plan Implementation, evaluate the School Improvement Plan, and help make the school the best it can be.

View information about School Improvement Plans and School Advisory Councils here.

Testing Calendar

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