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  • GeoZone

    A visual map application that allows you to interactively find a school zone by searching addresses, locating schools, and many other options. This application requires Microsoft Silverlight and may prompt you to install the latest version.

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  • ZoneFinder

    An application that allows users to search for school zones by entering the address and reviewing the results that are displayed in a text format. ZoneFinder is recommended for users with a dial-up or slower connection.

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    A small application used to locate a street based on entered information. This application will return the street name in the correct format for use with Genesis. If a result is not returned please notify us by email at

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ADOPTED 2016-2017 Zones for Citrus Ridge and Surrounding Schools

Long Range Capacity Planning in the Four Corners Area

Construction is underway on a new K-8 school, Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy, which is located off of Sand Mine Road and US 27 in the Four Corners area of the County. The school will have the capacity to serve a total of 1,400 students and is expected to open in August 2016. The redistricting Steering Committee facilitates the development and implementation of the redistricting plan process. The role of the Steering Committee is to provide community representation throughout the process. The Steering Committee should represent a broad cross-section of school and non-school members.

See updates, the proposal, and FAQ on the Citrus Ridge Project Website