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This page will be updated on an as-needed basis to notify parents and school personnel of bus delays of more than thirty (30) minutes. Please check back often in the morning and the afternoon for the latest, most up-to-date information.

Important Please be advised that the first few weeks of school you may experience a high number of bus delays. The delays are common due to the verification that students are getting off at their assigned bus stop. The routes should stabilize two to three weeks after the beginning of school. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Contact the Dispatch Office at 863-534-7300 with questions about a bus being late but not on the list below.

Today's Bus Delays

Bus NumberDelay DateRouteApprox. DelayAffected Schools
0619Dec 1 2015 PM30 - 40 minutesLake Alfred - Addair Middle School
0757Dec 1 2015 PM40 - 50 minutesSpook Hill Elementary
0757Dec 1 2015 PM40 - 50 minutesOur Children's Academy
0757Dec 1 2015 PM40 - 50 minutesRoosevelt Academy
1213Dec 1 2015 PM60 + minutesBrigham Academy Elementary
1213Dec 1 2015 PM60 + minutesJewett School of the Arts
1213Dec 1 2015 PM60 + minutesJewett Academy