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2013 Polk County Teacher and School-Related Employee of the Year Awards Program


2013 Program

The 2013 Polk County Teacher and School-Related Employee of the Year Awards Program streams live at 7:00 p.m. on February 12, 2013.

For the fourth year in a row, this invitation-only program is being broadcast live over a variety of cable and fiber optic television channels and Web sites. They are: Polk County School Board Television (Bright House Networks channel 614, Comcast channel 7, Verizon FiOS channel 45), PGTV, the county commission channel (Bright House channel 622, Comcast channel 5, Verizon FiOS channel 20), the school district’s Web site and the county commission’s

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Alturas Elementary: Terry Stinson (TOY); Dayanize Jimenez (SRE)

Auburndale Central Elementary: Sandria Davis (TOY); Juana Tavira (SRE)
Auburndale High: Karen Devereaux (TOY); Michael Flora, Sr. (SRE)
Boswell Elementary: Dana Brower (TOY); Peggy Fleming (SRE)
Caldwell Elementary: Kristin Boyd (TOY); Molly Peterson (SRE)
East Area Adult: Sondra Annotti (TOY); Bria Nakonecznyj (SRE)
Lena Vista Elementary: Christine Bishop (TOY); Margarita Hernandez (SRE)
Stambaugh Middle: Robin Hummel (TOY); Starr Berns (SRE)

Bartow Elementary Academy: Debby Pion (TOY); Helen Manear (SRE)
Bartow High/IB/Summerlin Academy: Ted Wright (TOY); Cecelia Greear (SRE)
Bartow Middle: Nicole Huett (TOY); Kristina Clark (SRE)
Floral Avenue Elementary: Della Glandorf (TOY); John Akin (SRE)
Gause Academy: Melinda Alcox (TOY); Michelle Osborn (SRE)
Gibbons Street Elementary: Lynn Scarbrough (TOY); Dionne McGarr (SRE)
Jean O’Dell Learning Center: Kimberly Grunden (TOY); Classie Jones (SRE)
Spessard L. Holland Elementary: Craig Hilgenberg (TOY); Malissa Armstrong (SRE)
Stephens Elementary: Janet Bolinger (TOY); Rita Himebrook (SRE)
Union Academy: Jodi Pemberton (TOY); Linda Eagan (SRE)

Davenport School of the Arts: Susan Searls (TOY); Mary Lou Hughes (SRE)
Horizons Elementary: Jan Briggs (TOY); Magda Landron (SRE)
Loughman Oaks Elementary: Joel DeGraaf (TOY); Vidalina Conde (SRE)
Ridge Community High: Harry Lyon (TOY); Rita Murdock (SRE)

Donald E. Woods Center: Lakesha Peterson (TOY); Princilla McKinnon (SRE)
Dundee Elementary: Danielle Manley (TOY); Linda Golden (SRE)
Dundee Ridge Middle: Mary White (TOY); Carrie Harris (SRE)

Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake Elementary: Mary Ober (TOY); Michelle Bell (SRE)
Lake Region High: Tresa Warner (TOY); Michael Schmitt (SRE)
Pinewood Elementary: Lorie Jackson (TOY); Kim Corso (SRE)

Eaton Park
Oscar J. Pope Elementary: Tiffeny Gerstler (TOY); Karen Green (SRE)

Snively Elementary: Dana Robertson (TOY); Debbie McLalin (SRE)

Fort Meade
Anna Woodbury Elementary: Cassandra Avellaneda (TOY); Ida Grace (SRE)
Fort Meade Middle-Senior: Cynthia Myers (TOY); Stacia Filyaw (SRE)
Lewis Elementary: Mary Wellden (TOY); Sheila Roberts (SRE)

Ben Hill Griffin Jr. Elementary: Tracy Ormsby (TOY); Leslie Robarts (SRE)
Frostproof Elementary: Renay Copeland (TOY); Dawn Roberts (SRE)
Frostproof Middle-Senior: Victoria Malanga (TOY); Ginger Spence (SRE)

Haines City

Alta Vista Elementary: Sandra Gamez (TOY); Danielle Prudhomme (SRE)
Bethune Academy: Linda Mobley (TOY); Jizette Noles (SRE)
Boone Middle: Christopher Scott (TOY); Lilian Pineiro (SRE)
Daniel Jenkins Academy of Technology: Jason Fields (TOY); Jewel Jenkins (SRE)
Eastside Elementary: Jeanette Kmiec (TOY); Linda Jones (SRE)
Haines City High/IB: Heidi Lawhorn (TOY); Kathryn Quinn (SRE)
Sandhill Elementary: Renee Alford (TOY); Elicia Jones (SRE)

Highland City
Highland City Elementary: Jennifer Mesanovic (TOY); Lee Prosser (SRE)

Lake Alfred
Lake Alfred-Addair Middle: Stephanie Jen (TOY); Larry Chaney (SRE)
Lake Alfred Elementary: Malika King (TOY); Angie Peace (SRE)

Lake Wales
McLaughlin Middle & Fine Arts Academy: Timothy Sherman (TOY); Joan Smith (SRE)
Roosevelt Academy: Jennifer Morrison (TOY); Carey Eubanks (SRE)
Spook Hill Elementary: Elizabeth Caffman (TOY); Jamie Ramos (SRE)

Bill Duncan Opportunity Center: Tracy McCants (TOY); Susan Smith-Fields (SRE)
Blake Academy: Emma Murrell (TOY); Gwendolyn Murray (SRE)
Carlton Palmore Elementary: Robert Tanner (TOY); Lilly Penas (SRE)
Churchwell Elementary: Somer Lay (TOY); Janice Wyatt (SRE)
Cleveland Court Elementary: Renae Pleima (TOY); Elizabeth Norsworthy (SRE)
Combee Elementary: Jennifer Telford (TOY); Vivian Patterson (SRE)
Countywide ESE: Wilson Bozeman (TOY); Benjamin Harris, Sr. (SRE)
Crystal Lake Elementary: Shauna Bergwall (TOY); Darlene Herbert (SRE)
Crystal Lake Middle: Rayna Kieffer (TOY); Teddy Poole (SRE)
Dixieland Elementary: Jasmar Bennett (TOY); Kay Llewellyn (SRE)
Doris A. Sanders Learning Center: Charles Timmons (TOY); Jacquelyn Gloster (SRE)
Dr. N.E. Roberts Elementary: Christopher Miller (TOY); Pamela Newberry (SRE)
George Jenkins High: Kevin Robertson (TOY); Phillip Cummings (SRE)
Griffin Elementary: Krystal James (TOY); Dawn Sorrell (SRE)
Harrison School for the Arts: Kristopher Ridgley (TOY); Lisa Leland (SRE)
Highlands Grove Elementary: Gina Brackman (TOY); Mercedes Haedo-Fitzsimmons (SRE)
Jesse Keen Elementary: Dana Burroughs (TOY); Angie Acevedo (SRE)
Kathleen Elementary: Michael Wright (TOY); Mary Ann Hansell (SRE)
Kathleen High: John Jacomet (TOY); Penny Thomas (SRE)
Kathleen Middle: Amanda Condra (TOY); Angela Thomas (SRE)
Lake Gibson High: Brenda Collins (TOY); Jacquelyn Emerson (SRE)
Lake Gibson Middle: Erica Morse (TOY); Barbara Smith (SRE)
Lakeland High: Frank Webster (TOY); Diana Gunkel (SRE)
Lakeland Highlands Middle: David King (TOY); Encarnacion Vallejo (SRE)
Lawton Chiles Middle Academy: Christina Baker (TOY); Robert Baldwin (SRE)
Lincoln Avenue Academy: Leslie Taylor (TOY); Cindy Selvidge (SRE)
Medulla Elementary: Emily Johnson (TOY); Lynne Windham (SRE)
North Lakeland Elementary: Emory Kale (TOY); Karen Lemister (SRE)
Padgett Elementary: Keri Murphy (TOY); Esperanza Strain (SRE)
Philip O’Brien Elementary: Cheryl Slay (TOY); Anna Vossler (SRE)
R. Bruce Wagner Elementary: Heather Robertson (TOY); Lynn Ritter (SRE)
Rochelle School of the Arts: Jesse Bryant II (TOY); Mary Latimer (SRE)
Scott Lake Elementary: Nikki Jones (TOY); Nolleen Kelly (SRE)
Sikes Elementary: Samantha Portwood (TOY); Odaliz Wallin (SRE)
Sleepy Hill Middle: John Campbell Jr. (TOY); Wanda Whaley (SRE)
Sleepy Hill Elementary: Amanda Pope (TOY); Wendy Jo Winchester (SRE)
Socrum Elementary: Carrie Frederick (TOY); Gene Jackson (SRE)
Southwest Elementary: Kyle Lawton (TOY); Johnnie Roaché (SRE)
Southwest Middle: Karen Horsting (TOY); Deborah Walton (SRE)
Tenoroc High: Gary Kiger (TOY); Lawrence Young (SRE)
Traviss Career Center: Judy Clark (TOY); Susan Hooks (SRE)
Valleyview Elementary: Lauren LePere (TOY); Francisco Almaraz (SRE)
Wendell Watson Elementary: Michael Greenlee (TOY); Kimberly Cannon (SRE)
West Area Adult: Lori Cabrera (TOY); Jill Thompson (SRE)
Winston Elementary: Carol Nelson (TOY); Mira Miller (SRE)

Kingsford Elementary: Clair Hernandez (TOY); Heather Walker (SRE)
Mulberry High: Stace Alcala (TOY); Willie Baker (SRE)
Mulberry Middle: Randy Nothdorf (TOY); Sonya Mincey (SRE)
Purcell Elementary: Virginia Watkins (TOY); Dawn Ellis (SRE)

Lake Marion Creek School: Becky Haskin (TOY); Cynthia Wimberley (SRE)
Laurel Elementary: Allison Crutchfield (TOY); Kerri Howard (SRE)
Palmetto Elementary: Jorge Larzabal (TOY); Eileen Lozada (SRE)

Polk City
Polk City Elementary: Jessica Miller (TOY); Tanya Boyett (SRE)

Winter Haven
Brigham Academy: Kimberly Bowman (TOY); Cheryl Hopkins (SRE)
Chain of Lakes Elementary: Mallory Mannix (TOY); Anna Espinosa (SRE)
Denison Middle: Joe Walden (TOY); Toni Eldridge (SRE)
Elbert Elementary: Michele Bobo (TOY); Ivette Figueroa (SRE)
Garden Grove Elementary: Hope Sanders (TOY); Christina Hernandez (SRE)
Garner Elementary: Keli Edwards (TOY); Carol Race (SRE)
Inwood Elementary: Ashley Brannan (TOY); Sherri Maynard (SRE)
Jewett Middle Academy: Rebecca Hensley (TOY); Donna Langford (SRE)
Jewett School of the Arts: Jeremy Henry (TOY); Freddy Rivera (SRE)
Lake Shipp Elementary: Jessica Breen (TOY); Theresa Kunz (SRE)
Ridge Career Center: Jill DePew (TOY); Christina Lowe (SRE)
Wahneta Elementary: Jennifer Hadsock (TOY); Leanne Porter (SRE)
Westwood Middle: Charlene Wilson (TOY); Carie Ward (SRE)
Winter Haven High: Rob Fritz (TOY); Pamela Hagen (SRE)