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Welcome to the Resources section. Here you will find a comprehensive list of disability-related resources.

Resource: Description:
Agencies and Organizations This area contains a vast array of web links to agencies and organizations serving the individuals with disabilities community.
Assistive Technology Resources The resources in this area are for those using or are requesting assistive technology.
Boardmaker Resources If you use Boardmaker, you will want to look here first for your student's/child's needs.
Deaf / Hard of Hearing (DHH) Provides web links and information for deaf and hard of hearing students/parents.
Early Childhood Resources Many resources are available for your young child. You will find links to agencies and organizations in the Agencies and Organizations link listed above.
Literacy, Math & Science Resources A vast amount of academic resources are here.
Occupational & Physical Therapy There are several lessons and activities, as well as a variety of helpful information that are focused on your child's developmental stages.
PowerPoint Templates Many grade appropriate PowerPoint presentations and manuals are available for any group.