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Polk County Schools Mission Statement

To provide a high quality education for all students.

2014 ESE Parent Survey

The annual Florida Department of Education (FDOE) Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Parent Survey is available for parents of ESE students to rate how the district is doing in several key areas. The survey is part of the State Performance Plan which is monitored annually and reported via Local Education Agency/District profiles. 

Schools will soon be receiving surveys for students included in last year’s pupil count. These surveys are sealed in envelopes bearing the students’ name and include self-addressed, stamped envelopes for mailing them directly back to the State.  This process is different for us this year since we are included in the 1/3 of districts receiving paper-and-pencil surveys, as the State endeavors to determine whether paper-and-pencil versus online surveys obtain the best parent participation.

English, Spanish and Haitian Creole instructions and survey questions are provided. The survey is open through May 31, 2014.  If you have a child with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) who has not brought home a paper-and-pencil survey by early March, please complete it online at If you do not have a computer at home, one will be made available at your child’s school.

All responses are anonymous as no individuals are identified to us by the State.  We take the results seriously and hope you will take the time to complete this year’s survey.

ESE Overview

Polk County’s Exceptional Student Education Department meets the needs of over 15,000 students from preschool through 22 years of age. A continuum of services is provided for each of the exceptionalities. Transition programs are also available to those students who are graduating with a special diploma so that they may become functional adults within their society. The ESE Department has over 800 teachers that participate in in-service training throughout the year to insure continued success for the children and young adults that they serve. Additional support services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health counseling, assistive technology and audiological evaluations are provided to the students as needed.

The Exceptional Student Education Department enhances the instructional program of every school by helping students who are encountering roadblocks to successful learning.
The Polk County Schools’ ESE Department is supervised by a Director. There are seven Senior Managers that serve as liaisons to schools within their designated areas/programs. The Senior Managers assist parents with providing programming needs for their children. If you have any questions or need addition information, please call the ESE District Office at 534-0930 and the secretary will direct your concerns to the appropriate person.

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ESE Policies and Procedures (SP & P)

Procedural Safeguards