The Mission of this department is to educate students to be responsible, productive, competent contributors to the workforce.

About Us

Workforce Education offers assistance, information and guidance on:

  • Academies and Pre-Academies
  • Programs such as Agriscience, Business, Diversified, Family & Consumer Sciences, Health Science, Industrial, Marketing, Public Service and Technology
  • Services which include Adult Education, Farmworkers, GED, and Career Pathways
  • School Enterprises in business, childcare, culinary, fashion, and technology.

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All phone number area codes are 863

Name: Title: Phone:
Marc Hutek Assistant Superintendent 519-8437
TBA Director, Multiple Pathways Education 519-3540
Namita Jaitly Administrative Secretary 519-8438
Christina Sparr Secretary III 519-8869
Henry Koger IST Vocational/WDIS Support Specialist 534-7156
Luke Witte Budget Coordinator 519-3540
Erik Berling Analyst, Technical Support Facilitator 519-8275
Misty Lynn Analyst, Technical Support Facilitator 519-8276
David Lintner TRST - Progam Specialist  
Tamara Fields TRST - Progam Specialist  
William "Paul" Webb Agriscience & Natural Resources/Public Service/Industrial Education 534-0518
Doug Harwell TRST - Program Specialist 534-0512
Derrick Woodard Career Pathways Coordinator 519-8707
Leann Bennett Family and Consumer Sciences/Health Science Education 534-0515
Serena Peeler Business/Diversified/Marketing and Technology Education 519-8274
Shaquita Armstrong TRST - Program Specialist Accreditation 519-9294
Belinda Kramer TRST - Program Specialist Accreditation 519-3679
Dr. Valarie Henry Career Pathways Administrator 534-0825
Nilda Soto Program Manager
Farmworker Jobs & Education Program


Jesus Jaime Employment Specialist
Farmworker Jobs & Education Program
Peter Leon Program Assistance Technical
Farmworker Jobs & Education Program
Isabel Camacho Program Assistance Technician
Farmworker Jobs & Education Program


Isabel Leon Farmworker Employment 968-5658

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