Purpose & Goal

Title I is part of The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, and its purpose is to provide supplemental resources and services to high poverty schools (Title I, Part A), to migratory children and families (Title I, Part C), and to institutions serving neglected and delinquent children and youth (Title I, Part D).

The goal of Title I is to improve student achievement through effective instruction, professional development, and family involvement.


2014-2015 Title I Guideline Notebook

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Regional Title I Parent Centers

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Name: Title: Phone:
TBA Director of Federal Programs 863-534-0647
Wanda Tyson Secretary 863-534-0056
Melissa Giffin Coordinator - Program Support and Evaluation 863-534-9241
TBA Coordinator - Program Support and Monitoring 863-534-0784
Suzie Whitener Coordinator - Program Support, School Improvement, & Homeless 863-534-0824
Tiffany Capers Coordinator - Program Support and Neglected/Delinquent 863-519-3600
Denise Atwell Coordinator - Parent Involvement and Parent Engagement 863-519-3603
Andy Baldwin Coordinator - Program Support and Evaluation 863-534-0791
TBA Coordinator - Private Schools 863-519-3602
Cynthia Stybel Student Assignment Specialist - Private Schools 863-534-9242
Sherry Boyette Program Assistance Specialist 863-519-3601
TBA Program Assistance Specialist 863-534-0649
Jennifer Schob Clerk Specialist 863-534-0777
Ana Ferrara Clerk Specialist 863-534-0840
Dawn Taylor Clerk Specialist 863-534-0646
Maribel Ortega Coordinator - Migrant 863-534-0655
Elsa Gonzalez Migrant Support Services Specialist 863-534-0656
TBA Migrant Records System Operator 863-534-0659
Timothy Emmons TRST - Technology, Federal Property 863-534-0776