Systems Networking & Operations provides the following:

  • Enterprise Printing of reports including Report Cards, Payrolls, etc.
  • Monitor System Backups of critical Applications including Student Information Systems and SAP
  • Process Offsite Storage of Backups at Iron Mountain for Disaster Recovery
  • Proximity Access Control of doors at District Office including Jim Miles (EERS) and Bartow Airbase (ESE)
  • Production Change Management of Application Software including Genesis/DNN Projects, WATERS, POLK-ID, etc.
All phone number area codes are 863
Name: Title: Phone:
Dave Dittman Coordinator of Technical Support 519-7600, Ext. 428
Jud Spruce Local Area Network Coordinator 519-7600, Ext. 429
Karla Brown Operations Manager 519-7600, Ext. 430
Rosemary Acosta Computer Operator 519-7600, Ext. 433
Kayla Cook Computer Operator 519-7600, Ext. 431
Stevii Hoggatt Senior Technician 519-7600, Ext. 432