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The mission of School Technology Services is to provide technology support to all schools, district departments and the community in their efforts to plan, implement, and evaluate instructional technology designed to facilitate student learning. This is accomplished through a project-centered, authentic, collaborative and creative focus in the classroom and school.

School Technology Services provides support/services for the following:

  • Technology Training/Professional Learning
  • Technology Online courses
  • BYOD
  • Technology Integration Coaching
  • Administrator Technology Proficiencies
  • Digital Device Tutorials
  • Digital Devices for the Classroom
  • Internet Safety
  • Technology Grants planning and development
  • Technology Grants technical assistance sessions

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Guides & Tutorials Information Graphic Organizers
CCC! Streamiing Best Practices MS Word Format
Document Camera Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) SMART Format
Google Apps COPPA  
LightSPEED Audio Enhancement Flipped Classroom  
MS Office 365 Internet Safety for Students  
MS Office 2013 Retrieving Student Passwords  
Moodle Technology PD  
SMART Response Web Apps for Devices  


School Technology Services (STS) Staff

  • All phone number area codes are (863).
  • FAX number: 647-4261
Name: Title: Phone: Responsibilities:
Cristie DeVane Director

647-4244 EXT 500

Manage/Oversee all departments in STS
Laurie Adams Secretary lll 647-4244 EXT 501 Office management, phones, TDAs, P.O.s, budget
Fred Abell Input/Output Coord 647-4244 EXT 502 Phones, Destiny textbook entry,
Craig Cook Sr. Tech Computer Operater 647-4244 EXT 503 JMPDC technology troubleshooting and support for conferenece rooms & Staff
Technology Grants & E-Rate
Dell Quary Analyst 647-4244 EXT 513 Grants & E-Rate Planning, Development, and Acquisition
Instructional Technology (InTec)
Kitty Sawyer Senior Manager 647-4244 EXT 510 Manage/Oversee Instructional Tech
Rachel Goodman TRST 647-4244 EXT 506 TOP Schools Contact/Tech Integration Support, Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy Contact/Technology Integration Support
Heather Gayton TRST 647-4244 EXT 509 Model Instructional Classroom (MIC), W/NC Elementary Contact/Tech Integration Support, Tech Int Coach Program, etc.
Laura Sawyer TRST 647-4244 EXT 512 SciPad Program Support.
Randall Nothdorf TRST 647-4244 EXT 505

TOP Schools Contact/Tech Integration Support, SciPad Program Support, Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy Contact/Technology Integration Support

Will Austin TRST 647-4244 EXT 504 Model Instructional Classroom (MIC), NE/SE Elementary Contact/Tech Integration Support; Technology PD
Eddy Varela TRST 647-4244 EXT 507

W/Central Middle/HS support, Tech Int PL, Instructional Television

STS Technology Training/PD Evaluation Form
Instructional Television (ITV)
John Dittle ITV Supervisor 647-4244 EXT 516 Manage/Oversee Instructional Television
Justin Phillips Tech Specialist 647-4244 EXT 517 Tech Support, Dir/Prod: District Videos, Video Awards
Kyle Condon Tech Specialist 647-4244 EXT 514 Tech Support, Dir/Prod: District Videos, Video Awards
Online Learning
Johnathan Newman Online Learning Supervisor 647-4244 EXT 499
Josiah Hall Online Learning Technician 647-4244 EXT 508