The Employee Relations Department seeks to provide a harmonious and productive school and work environment that respects and protects the individual rights of employees, students and parents. The Department’s responsibilities include contract negotiations, mediation, grievance processing and issues regarding equity, discrimination, harassment, and professional and criminal misconduct.

The Department also assists in the resolution of work-related problems and plays a significant role in providing independent counseling referrals to employees working through personal, home or family issues. Other responsibilities include unemployment claims and compensation, and processing military leaves of absence.

Department Mission Statement: The Employee Relations Department is committed to providing quality professional standards, labor relations, equity, and employment law functions to the District, its schools, and its departments in furtherance of the District's vision and strategic plan so all students are college, career and life ready.


All phone number area codes are 863

Name: Title: Phone:
Tony Kirk Director, Employee Relations 519-3956
Laura McCabe

Analyst, Negotiations

(Collective Bargaining)

Stephanie Green Analyst, Professional Standards (West Area) 519-3977
Barry Marbutt Analyst, Professional Standards (East Area) 534-0735
Brandy Mease Analyst, Professional Standards (Central Area) 534-0517
Cynthia Sprouse Specialist, Employee Relations (Non-Medical Leaves of Absence) 534-0786
Tina Chumney

Personnel Assistant I

(Fingerprint Database)

Clifton Garcia

Personnel Assistant I

(Unemployment Compensation, Sick Leave Bank)


Pre-Employment Services

Located at the Polk County School District Office, 1915 South Floral Ave., Bartow, FL 33830. Applicants, employees and contractors/vendors should present photo identification at the Main Entrance to Building "A".

Royce Adkins Specialist, Pre-Employment Services 534-0414
Martha Hernandez Fingerprinting Clerk Specialist 519-3673
Pamela Ketchum Fingerprinting Clerk Specialist 519-3674
Lynette Sams Fingerprinting Clerk Specialist 519-3672
Phyllis Woods Fingerprinting Clerk Specialist 519-3676