How do I apply for a School Nutrition Position?

Step 1: Complete the Online Employment Application.

Step 2: E-mail: your application reference #, full legal name and phone number. You will immediately receive an e-mail with instructions.

Step 3: Supply copies of required documents to the hiring manager.

  • Proof of 10th grade education (mandatory, no exceptions)
  • Florida Driver's License or Florida ID Card
  • Social Security Card (do not fax or e-mail)

Required documents can be e-mailed, faxed or delivered in person:

Once your documents are reviewed and references have been verified, you may be selected for a prescreening interview.

*If you need assistance with English, please arrange to bring someone with you to translate. We can provide someone to translate Spanish to English if you make the request in advance.

Step 4: Check your e-mail for your scheduled interview time or a letter or non-selection based on document review. In most cases you will hear back within a week once you have submitted all required documents.

Step 5: Prescreening Interview (if selected)


All employees start as substitutes and are eligible to apply for advertised vacancies.

Rate of Pay

Substitutes: Minimum Wage

School Nutrition Assistants: $10.15/hour