Facilities Planning is responsible for the ongoing coordination with Polk County and its member governments. This coordination includes gathering information on growth and development, implementation of interlocal agreements, capacity mitigation agreements and school concurrency, projections for new schools or additions to existing schools, site planning and acquisition, and coordinating planning activities with other Polk County Public Schools departments. The department also prepares the Five Year Work Plan, the Five Year Educational Plant Survey as well as population projections in consultation with Polk County and its member governments.


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Staff List

Area Code: 863

Name: Title and Responsibility: Phone:
Pam Luce Senior Coordinator - Facilities Planning

Responsibilities: Educational Plant Survey, Five Year Work Plan, Boundaries, Enrollment and Projections, Interlocal/Joint Use Agreements, Sales Tax Oversight Committee Facilitation and Intergovernmental Coordination.

Jerry Rodriguez Senior Coordinator

Responsibilities: School Concurrency, Site Acquisitions, Property Management, Leases