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The Mission of the Facilities and Operations Division:

The mission of the Facilities and Operations Division is to provide innovative, cost effective and high quality maintenance, custodial and construction services to our schools and operating departments and to continually improve those services. This will be accomplished by creating an atmosphere that encourages everyone to cooperate in and contribute toward achieving that goal.

As our mission is dynamic, we will encourage innovation and constant improvement. We believe that our employees are a valued and long-term resource and we will support and encourage employee contribution, involvement and their personal growth. We believe that all employees are entitled to dignity, respect, recognition, proper training, a safe and orderly work environment and fair compensation. We will continually work to achieve an environment in which our employees can both enjoy their work and take pride in their organization and in themselves. Our supervisors will work to remove barriers that prevent this from happening.

We will conduct our business at all times in a fair and ethical manner with our employees, school personnel, suppliers, contractors, our community neighbors and the public.


Area Code: 863

Name: Title: Phone: Fax:
Angela D. Usher, AICP Assistant Superintendent, Facilities & Operations 534-0620 534-0833
Rose Louden Budget Analyst & Office Manager 534-0606 534-0833
Lynn Collins Administrative Secretary 519-3671 534-0833

Departments within this Division are located at the District Office, Building C.