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What do Mentors do?

Youth MentorsThe Youth Motivator program brings together positive role models from the community and students who can benefit from one-on-one attention. Students are selected by teachers and guidance counselors. Parents sign a permission form for participation in the program. Students and mentors work together weekly at the school site to improve grades, set goals for improved attendance and behavior or focus on career interests. Mentors participate in a two-hour training that reviews volunteer policies, school procedures and strategies to use with students.

Mentors help students develop self confidence, academic competence, a caring attitude toward others and reading skills that will help them be successful in school so they can be successful in life. The following activities are designed to help mentors accomplish these goals.

Who can be a Youth Motivator?

  • Business leaders who want to develop the future workforce.
  • Retirees, with a lifetime of experiences, who are still young at heart.
  • Community members with time, talent and a little patience.

Mentoring works!

It only takes an hour a week to make a positive difference.

When students are mentored:

  • 98% improve their school attendance rates.
  • 33% have less discipline referrals.
  • 78% state they can now say no to peer pressure
  • 72% say their personal relations skills are improved.

Mentors also report the value of time spent with students:

  • 54% experience improved networking skills
  • 67% feel more satisfied in their jobs.

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