Volunteers Needed!

Polk Men ReadPolk County Schools joins one of three Scholastic pilot programs across the nation to encourage men to model reading to students. The program’s purpose is to motivate students to become lifelong, lovers of reading. The program will not take away from instructional time. It aims to have men spend their lunch break at a school located near their jobs or homes. Polk County Men Read will target fifth, seventh and ninth grade. The selected students will likewise get their lunch and listen to a male read and discuss the book. The mentors are encouraged to spend at least two lunch periods a month reading to these students.

Thirty-eight schools have volunteered to be a part of this pilot project. Because the response has been so tremendous, we still don’t have enough men to be readers.

The goal of the program is for volunteers to read with students during their lunch break at least twice a month or more if they desire. Volunteers could also discuss an assigned book that both the volunteer and students have read.

If you are interested, you will first need to register as a volunteer with Polk County Schools. Click here for volunteer registration.

After registering you will then need to complete the following form and email it to Jacqueline.rose@polk-fl.net in Library Media Services. If you have questions, please call (863) 647-4714.

Note: If you are already registered as volunteer with Polk County you can go straight to filling out the form below.

Click here for Polk Men Read Application Form