The Great American Teach-In is an annual event coordinated by the Department of Public Relations to celebrate American Education Week. Members of the community are invited to our schools to speak to students about careers, travel and hobbies. Speakers tell how their early educational experiences relate to their current life. It is an opportunity to educate students about the world of work in a way that the students will never forget!

Students enjoy the opportunity to hear real stories from real community members. Each year Teach-In volunteers inspire students to keep focused and keep looking ahead to the future. Volunteers have come in costume, brought their equipment, put on plays, offered potentially life-saving information, showed off their pets, discussed career options, shared precious souvenirs, talked about other parts of the world, brought the past to life, performed a song or dance, cooked delicious meals, stepped down from the pedestal of celebrity to meet students at their level or simply read a story to little ones.

The Teach-In introduces students to career options they might never have considered, hobbies they might never have discovered and activities they might never have experienced. Students learn from business and workforce/technical professionals, parents, community members and other students. The annual event enriches the students and the volunteers alike. To view a flyer about the 2017 Great American Teach-In, click here.

Want to join the fun? Contact the school of your choice and offer to be part of this exciting and meaningful event.