Community Calendar submissions are intended to inform the general public about officially sponsored and sanctioned activities, information and events of interest in Polk County Public Schools. All requests must be submitted no later than five (5) working days and no earlier than twenty (20) working days prior to the desired airdate. Completed stills can be submitted along with this request form. For more information about sending a completed still, refer to the guidelines section below or visit our webpage. PCSBTV will attempt to fulfill all requests for service that meet the required guidelines. All messages will be subject to editing for brevity and content clarity and will be scheduled on a space available basis. PCSBTV shall not be responsible for errors or omissions of materials that appear on the PCSBTV community calendar.

Community Calendar Request Form

Did you produce your own slide(s)? Stills may be produced in programs such as Power Point, Photoshop or others. Templates are available for Photoshop and Powerpoint users to help create a slide for your request. Images should be saved in one of the following formats: .png or .psd. Contact the PCSBtv office for more information. You will need to send your slide in as an attachment through email. Click here to e-mail your slide.

Approved by School Principal/Department Director: By signing the fields below, the supervisor is indicating that he/she is responsible for the content and for broadcasting the information as described above. I have reviewed the request: