The mission of the School Board of Polk County’s Department of Waste and Recycling is to provide support for our schools and facilities in the areas of solid waste disposal, waste reduction, reuse and recovery of resources, recycling or proper disposal of unusable resources, and educational support for our staff and students.


The goal of the Department of Waste and Recycling is to have an on-campus recycling program at every one of our schools, offices, shops, and warehouse facilities. Although an ambitious goal, small but sturdy steps will get us there.

Waste and Recycling Facts and Figures

During the 2016-17 school year, it is estimated the district discarded 154,260 cubic yards of solid waste, with an estimated weight of 8,840 tons.  This is a reduction of 917 tons, or 9% of what the district did 6 years ago.

2017 district recycling figures:

694 tons of corrugated cardboard were recycled
238 tons of scrap metal were recovered and recycled
5000 gallons of used motor oil was recovered and recycled

The average yearly cost per student for solid waste disposal in our Polk County Public Schools for 2016-17 is:

  • Elementary school students $15.52
  • Middle school students $14.12
  • Senior school students $11.80

Currently, all of our schools have access to an on-campus recycling program which provides the facility with once a week pick up of materials such as paper, aluminum, steel, plastics #1 thru #4 and glass.

Resources for Staff, Students, and Parents

To find out more about recycling, litter prevention, and the proper disposal of household chemicals, please visit the following sites:

Questions and Comments

If you have questions or comments about recycling and solid waste management at the School Board of Polk County, please contact us using the following form.

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